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  1. cavebruce

    Urgent Prayer Request

  2. cavebruce

    How To Make Homemade Flavored Vodkas

    Thanks for the recipe. :D
  3. cavebruce

    Prayer Request.

    On it.
  4. cavebruce


    Dude, I needed your jokes after a tough end to a tough week. This story reminded me of my mother and what an awesome lady she is. Thanks for the laugh and and the tear. Go RV!!!!
  5. cavebruce

    Kaperonic Chat 9/29

    Great breakdown....GO RV!!!! :D :D
  6. cavebruce

    SteveI and Ray Chat - Shabibi on TV - 09/19/2011

    Thanks for the post...very encouraging..GO RV!!!!
  7. cavebruce

    Global Arab Network Posted 1:1 just now

    1 USD = 1 IQD It worked for me....interesting. GO RV
  8. cavebruce

    A Soldiers Flight

    Thank you for your service, thank you for your attention to detail and thank you for taking care of our boys on the way home. God bless.
  9. Thanks for your service, both as a vet and firefighter. Thought your post was appropriate and informative. Go's all water off a duck's back.
  10. cavebruce

    Plan to microchip everyone by 2017

    It seems I read something about this whole not being able to buy and sell thingy in a really cool the way, provision doesn't come from man, the gov't or anything else posing as God.
  11. cavebruce

    Some Information that may help...

    Thanks for post...Go RV!!!
  12. cavebruce

    Well here we are

    God is good every day...awesome post!
  13. cavebruce

    Test for Idiocy kids think I'm a genius and that's all that matters...heehee

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