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  1. And your point is? He should take off his shirt before he loses ours??
  2. Well Markinsa..........if there was anything to compare the rules to...................even one line..................which clearly put this post out of bounds, then I see your point. As it is............I guess we have to trust.................that the Mods have our best interest at heart.
  3. If it turns out that we leave Iraq. We leave only a token force behind. Then this country needs to be prepared to "LEAP" back into the fray when Iraq is about to be over run by outside forces. And at this point it is time to take control, on either a temporary basis or on a permanent basis with some self imposed time limit. And if the Sadr movement makes the least "PEEP" about engagement, this bug needs to be exterminated as completely as we have weapons to do it. A year maybe is all it will take until the capacity of Iraq to defend itself and its borders will be compromised. And whatever force is in place, as a representative training operation, should be protected at all costs. If they are even threatened, immediate action should be employed to quickly remove the threat and to provide clear intentions to the world at large our intentions, to defend our interests in this region. I absolutely hate having our military out playing "guard dog" for the oil interests of this country, however as long as we have requirements that include oil and a world position that dictates a position of oversight, we must begin to act quickly and decisively to squelch pockets of dangerous elements who intend harm and death to our soldiers and ourselves. We can explain our peaceful tendencies after they have ceased to beat upon our doors with guns and explosives. I for one am tired of the USA trying to defend our rights to maintain our freedoms. We need to use a bulldozer when it is required.
  4. I have been watching this site since its inception, as well as following the potential of a currency revaluation in Iraq since late 2005. I have watched the rise and fall of the obscure currency pegged against the US Dollar only. There has been an influx in some very interesting speculation in recent past. I have also been watching the creative, fraudulent personalities that wield influence in the Dinar Community (ie "Okie Oil Man"). I am a Forex Currency Trader Full Time and have been successful within the past 2-3 years. I have always found it interesting that many of these personalities would see things that weren't there.....truly not there without any correlation or basis grounded in reality. There has been a recent confirmed development that may have been slightly over looked. It has labeled the Dinar Revaluation as a complete and utter hoax played and directed at the US investor, desperate in a tough economy and searching for a get rich quick sheme. It is official, that this is not it. Iraq has recently began minting a Dinar Coin that will hold value of 500 and 1000 Dinars. This fact in and of itself is the only forecasting indicator that anyone needs in understanding that the Dinar WILL NOT Revalue now or ever to allow a currency trade for USD to any significant proportion for profit. The new coin denomination is very expensive to implement and predicts quite clearly that the exchange rate of ALL currency in circulation to remain UNCHANGED. These coins will have a rate of exchange to USD of .42 and .84. This is a conclusion to the End Game of this misleading adventure and I hope anyone who is contemplating buying Dinars in the United States keep their money in their pocket. I also felt the need to mention that the United States has been a butt of a joke in Iraq for over 4 years. The bundle currency auctions selling Dinar for US Dollars to companies located in the United States and owned/operated by Iraqi interests have been a tell tale sign of intention. These companies have grown exponentially within the past 2 years. These currency auctions have led to an increase of USD used in Iraq for street it should be in an unstable country's commerce. It is International Reserve. The currency auctions have been one of the single most leading factors to the appreciation in the New Iraqi Dinar over the past 3 years----interesting that the currency is printed in English isn't it? The bait has remained to be nothing more than simple rumor through the use of tech communication---the internet. These MSB's have profited from the currency trade as Iraqi Finance would watch, laugh and are still laughing as foolish America cheered their worthless currency as they cut profit on the US Dollar. The Game Is Over......and as much as Iraq would love to continue this scheme, they are being forced to move forward with the removal of US presence in their country and the potential of destabilizing in the region with our withdrawal. Our withdrawal, by the way, is due to heavy cuts in Defense Spending and a political promise to redeem while our President searches for a political platform during an attempt at re-election. Please see with clarity and keep your US Dollars. Thank You This post has been edited by Tropheus: 09 September 2011 - 10:45 PM Read more:
  5. Really. Well it is not the only one which has been whisked away this morning.
  6. I want to read this. Where is it. There is no trail and I end up with an error message. There maybe needs to be a dung heap...................assigned area...................where things "you Mod's" dump can still be accessed. Even if something is off these desperate times we are hungry for news. I mean, even when I wrote my creative piece on Bank of American, there was plenty of bashing, lots of speculation as to what year of grade school I had escaped from, but still it was available for all to read and either laugh at or bash. Please, I would like to see what this item held.
  7. Placement of nouns and verbs is inconsistent with the English I was raised with. This always makes me suspect the origin of any information presented. You need to practice sentence structure before you try and create rumors here. WE are a damn suspicious bunch at this point in time. And you just set off every alarm I have. Go peddle this gibberish somewhere else.
  8. Well on the CBI site...............what I believe is actual circulation in Iraq is MOF. This is listed on the CBI site, Open it up and look at it.
  9. Hey JRed, good to see some of your sanity expressing itself!
  10. Posting for authentication.
  11. Now you are making me want to get out my bills and flash them around. How in the world do you end up with Dinar in North Dakota. I thought their governor prohibited sales of currency within the state lines ten years ago. Seriously, you make me ashamed that I have yet to do what you did, and get verified. One of these days! So far I have given away a sheet or two of these to friends and family, and when they ask me what it is worth I just laugh and say right now, it is just a collectors item, just tuck it away safe in an envelope and I will call you if something changes. When the RV occurs at just over $4 I will probably go retrieve them, claiming that I have to have them run thru a De LaRue machine prior to exchange. Hehehehehe!
  12.,com_fjrelated/Itemid,58/id,239/layout,blog/view,fjrelated/ I had read another article which had the links inside. Went to three sites, this was the last. Entered the exchange currency calculator with 1 USD and then entered IQD 1, when I hit the compute button up comes the one to one conversion. This all gets better when the rest of you......................go try it and can reproduce my results.
  13. Just took a look online after reading all the news on here, went to Yahoo currency converter....................this is what I pulled up. A posted rate of .73 Dinars to 1 USD. Is this possible or is it a glitch. I am off to a couple other sites to check their rates. And I have no link, only a phone captured picture to include.
  14. Posted in Banking & Finance0 Comments Wisconsin Warns About Iraqi Dinar Wisconsin Warns About Iraqi Dinar Posted on 17 August 2011. Tags: IQD, iraqi dinar The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions is warning investors about advertised opportunities to invest in Iraq’s currency, the dinar. The DFI says several web sites say Iraq’s currency is poised to increase in value, even dramatically, but it says investors aren’t told that the dinar is only good in Iraq. There is no currency exchange for the dinar and the U.S. dollar. “That allows dealers to charge whatever they want to sell and buy back the Dinars, since no exchange exists for the currency,” the DFI said in a statement Wednesday, reported by WBAY. The DFI says some dinar dealers tout being registered with the U.S. Treasury Department as a Money Services Business, or MSB, but the designation only means the company’s information is on file with the Treasury. “We encourage investors to exercise extreme caution when considering their investment opportunities. They should do their homework,” DFI Division of Securities administrator Patricia Struck said. Suspicions of security or investment fraud can be reported to the Division of Securities by calling toll-free, 1-800-472-4325. (Source: WBAY)
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