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  1. I don't see anything that makes sense in this, just more of their...nonsense IMO.
  2. Isn't the rate you have posted here for SDR the exchange rate for IQD/GBP? That would kind of make sense if the notes are to be printed in London, correct?
  3. Coins have been sold, as of last night check back later should have some more soon.
  4. Seriously, nobody interested in this?
  5. I tried emailing you it wouldn't let me, email me at and let's get the 55oz silver gone. If You make the payment to paypal today I can have it out in the mail by Wednesday.
  6. Alright guys just got back in to town, so MrFnHappy and I have decided he would like to purchase some bars of silver that I had layin around so these coins are back up for sale, same deal $850 through paypal, any takers? Email me at
  7. This is exactly why I generally stay away from VND comments :lol As far as currencies go however, I am strongly looking at the Indonesian Rupiah. Why? Because right now you can buy a million for $100 and by the time they are projecting to revalue or redenominate their currency I will have bought enough to be well off either way. They are looking at removing 00 or 000, and moving their exchange rate accordingly, so now it is .00017. Now from what I gather they are looking to either up their exchange rate to this .17 no matter what or higher. So lets say I have purchased 100,000,000.00 for $10
  8. He he I use a Droid too, it takes a study hand to give +s so I gave one for you
  9. Payment received ladies and gentleman until next time
  10. Sending a new invoice in an hour or two, sorry for the wait.
  11. Okay guys mrfnhappy is the first to email me, if the deal goes through I will let you all know on this thread.
  12. Okay not sold- Paypal address is Correspondence address Please email at and await a response before sending a payment, first come first served. I will post on here if sold, I get silver all the time so if the mods don't mind and its okay with Adam. I will post other deals later.
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