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  1. Selling 2 Mil Dinar. 850 per Mil

    My offer still stands
  2. Selling 2 Mil Dinar. 850 per Mil

    750 per million
  3. Selling Dinar in NM

  4. Selling Dinar in NM

    I will do 400 for half a million
  5. $775 mil IQD

    Am interested if you have any Dinar left,
  6. Selling my dinar

    Ya definitely not interested in the back and forth games, have a good holiday
  7. Selling my dinar

    I’ll do 885
  8. Selling my dinar

    875 and apology accepted
  9. Selling my dinar

    No thanks, if you wanna go 900 let me know, thanks!
  10. Selling my dinar

    A bit high, I’ll do 900 for all
  11. Selling my dinar

    So 1.25 million for 1,100?
  12. Selling my dinar


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