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  1. Mr. Canadian Sniper needs to introduce himself to Mr. Sadr. Taking out the trash!
  2. Amen bro! New Ford platinum pickup too paid in cash!
  3. Americans to Israel: Don't listen to Obama

    My president does not speak for me and my family. As a christian, (his words) he should understand the importance of standing with Isreal and not against her. It scares me to think what will happen to the U.S. if our leader does not bless Isreal instead of curse her. Maybe Obama needs to go back and look at the history of every nation that opposed or oppressed Isreal for the last 2500 years. They are all gone but yet Isreal remains. Our church belongs to an organization called Christians United for Isreal (CUFI) that continually asks members of congress and senate not to turn their backs on the best ally we have in the middle east. My family will do as the bible says we do, not suggest, and bless isreal.
  4. Where is Possum?

    He is probably hanging by his tail in a tree! If he peed on his bosses forklift, he is in hiding.
  5. I agree, I believe there is more dinar in peoples hands than what we thought. I attend church in a rural part of Arkansas and the latest count of known dinar holders is over 130 million. Yes, much of that came from Dinar Trade.
  6. Great post! Where do you find the time to compile all of this info? I'm jealous! Thank you news hound.
  7. Dinar RV MUST READ

    Good post Spike. A little reality never hurts anyone.
  8. Interesting Discussion Today

    Quick, some one call opposum so he won't believe this crap and pee on his bosses forklift!
  9. Dflake, I bet you and I and a lot of other folks on this site could think of a way to put that 250 billion dinar in there faster than "end of the year". Hmmmm...
  10. I Google Currency Rate Converter Changed this AM

    Thanks for your post. This site has enough "dinar" detectives to make scotland yard proud.
  11. Thanks TCJams. Your common sense being enjected into this chaos right now is refreshing and needed.

    That would make a great commercial with Iraqi's rioting in the streets screaming "It's our dinar, make it worth something and we want it now"!
  13. Rate and Date from another site

    I would get out of debt at .10 and wait for a better rate. Iraq is sitting on a gold mine! Black gold that is.
  14. Thanks for digging up the info. I like this part "Depends on the formation of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi parliament and the next goal which is to flourish on the Iraqi economy." It sounds like there is a lot of pressure inside Iraq to get the Gov. in place soon. You can tell by the anwsers that were given in the report, they want it done now. Me too!!! Take care all. Read more:
  15. Iraqi Finance

    All of that debt "forgivness" was not really free and clear out of the goodness of their hearts. I quess the old saying is true, nothing is really free. These countries would not be investing billions into a money pit. At some time, all of them will be coming forward like the USA and France to request Iraq be free of all sanctions to get on with their return on their investment.

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