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  1. ladwiss

    RV Monday

    Monday Huh ? Just Some Humor.... I am with ya Labdog I want Monday to be true.............. thanks for the post
  2. Lot of Hocus Pocus... This says buy buy buy buy buy buy all over it shazzzzzaaaaammmmmmmm
  3. this is the link to find the conveter which is on the left side of dinar bankers. down a little ways. It is the I Google one that I put on my home page...Ladwiss
  4. This morning when I logged on my PC this morning I checked the IQD/USD as always as it is on my I Google homepage in the widget that I downloaded from Dinar Banker months ago. At 6:00am this morning it was IQD 1170/ USD 1 I went back to my mome page around 6;15 and it changed I NEVER EVER had seen but 1170/1 but now it is .99/1 I took a picture to show the time as proof I did'nt make this up as I was'nt going to give out my home page for the world to have Just thought I'd share this with you all Ladwiss from Montana
  5. .87 3.2612 Want some French bread with your Whine .....Most of us breath in the same atmosphere.... Take your steel toed boots off and relax awhile chilllll
  6. Liked the show but this link was on the same converter page so it has not been reflected in anyway as of this time...that I see just wait till next monday
  7. Thank You Jake Dog, What you said in your 2 posts here now were spoken with truth ... You are not a newbie after posting today. Thanks again for sharing your intel from the ground afar. May everybody who has an interest in this endevor, be so lucky as to share in this potential investment. Thanks again from Montana, USA ... Ladwiss
  8. I hope this is true or the 5/3 rep is gonna look like this in the morning!!!
  9. Yes, Have used them many times. The IQD's are also certified authentic and you receive them in 4-5 days. They also give you a free smaller denomination bill.
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