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  1. Wait, kick the liberal reporters azz and STILL win the election ? Precendent set!
  2. Usually institutions will buy that many shares (mutual fund, hedge fund) or someone with a wad of cash to invest. Those inverstors must know something. What's the old adage-buy low, sell high
  3. And 19 numbers. Thanks Jeepguy!
  4. Was curious so I googled, looks like they have them-(don't know how fast you'll get em)
  5. Here's to the college fund: 05 24 37 55 56 PB 06
  6. i read as unknown sources are spreading the idea that " the currency is deteriorating" against the dollar- In an effort to destabilize the dinar. Saleh is warning these people ( who he will not name) that the dinar really can't take any more negative news.
  7. Hahahaha lmfao! I stopped reading right there! Yeah ok, so the Russians conspired with voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania etc. to pull the lever for Trump. It's so absurd it's laughable
  8. This group is going to hit it! 22 29 31 55 69 PB 18
  9. RUM, Big 👍Love that song! Haven't heard it in years!
  10. 6 15 39 54 55 PB 24