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  1. D. V. lottery 11/17 & 11/18

    Mega Millions (11/17) 27 37 42 64 68 MB 25 Powerball (11/18) 08 31 48 50 52 PB 25
  2. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Thanks. I just sent all the requested information over to Al Karmal. Let’s see how this goes. Will keep everyone posted. btw-I’ve yet to hear back from Mr. Issa at Warka but in the same amount of time I’ve had 3 days of back and forth correspondence with the broker.
  3. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Well I’m glad you found those folks. My story is similar to yours, I got involved with dinar in 2004 but didn’t get into Warka/stocks until 2011
  4. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Exactly!! Thank you once again for finding these folks jb4388. How did you do it?
  5. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    You got it my friend! In regards to $100: $100 fees just for once for account opening will be taken from your first wire transfer, and this is the only fees that we will take. In regards to minimums: There are no minimum charges you can purchase shares in any amount you want there are no limits for purchase share process. And there is no minimum account balance you can send your wire transfer in any amount you want by following some instructions I will send you after you open an account with us. If you have any questions don't be hesitated to contact with all regards,
  6. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    I emailed him back in regards to the fee, and he said it was basically a one time fee, but if it’s a yearly thing then I’ll have to deal with it. I emailed him back asking about account minimums and share purchases minimums. Will be following through with the account set up this week. Thanks again jb4388
  7. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Jb4388 I emailed taha last night and got a response back this morning. He said they would be able to transfer my stocks from Warka-it doesn’t seem like it going to be a problem. Awesome! Hey so he mentioned a $100 starting fee. Are you aware of any other fees that they charge? thanks again for your assistance
  8. Florida-down at the end aka (just the tip) MM (11/14). 27 38 60 66 69 MB 05 PB (11/15). 24 37 59 62 69 PB 13
  9. ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Unirod, im going to follow your lead and do the same. I’ll send out my request tonite. Hopefully Mr. Issa will see two requests come across his desk and get motivated to get it done. Thanks for the info jb4388!
  10. d.v. lotto games 11/ 10 11/11

    11-11-17 Powerball 02 12 19 48 59 PB 11
  11. MegaMillions 11/7 04 06 10 22 31 MB 24 PowerBall 11/8 03 08 09 34 36 PB 25
  12. MegaMillions 11/3 36 51 58 59 62 MB 12 PowerBall 11/4 08 15 18 25 59 PB 01

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