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  1. Thanks DWS I'll try that when I get to my computer, great find btw, thanks for bringing us that. Much appreciated!
  2. We need to get that PDF translated to get a better idea of what these figures mean.
  3. From the PDF: Abstract Markov chains contribution forecasting the future situation by using transition probabilities matrix from previous case to determine the phenomena situation from one period to another one of Markov analysis Method features is that , He doesn't depend on the reasons of the phenomena occurrence , but he takes it as it .to be analyzed and forecast its future phenomena , the purpose of this research is Estimating the CBI policy towards exchange rate through estimating the change probabilities in the current time and forecast the change probabilities in case of stability and stationary . this research reached to the steady state of exchange rate at (%85) probability where as the possibility of exchange rate , and the probability of exchange rate in future (steady state) is (%93) Key Word الكلمات الدالة Exchange Rate سعر الصرف Markov Chain سلاسل مارآوف Steady State حالة الثبات
  4. They did a study on this! They crunched numbers! Can anybody translate this for us? Would be awesome to see what they came up with.
  5. Mega millions 7/25 14 17 29 38 41 MB 12 Powerball 7/26 09 31 33 40 59 PB 04
  6. They were next on my buy list, but then i deal with Warka and, you know...
  7. This PDF has 173 pages, but what struck me is it's format. This is a professional paper. It includes an abstract, introduction and references. This is the the kind of paper you write for a PhD or publication or research. To have the head of the CBI publishing this shows that they (the CBI) are serious players who demand respect. Which they'll need when they pop that switch.
  8. MegaMillions 7/21 02 15 20 59 72 MB 03 Powerball 7/22 38 46 53 58 60 PB 14
  9. Thanks Thugs! It's great to hear news regarding the advancement of the HCL. Seems like we've been getting a lot of good news as of late.
  10. I WANT TO RETIRE!!!!!!!! 03 36 43 46 55 PB 09
  11. It's hard to intrepret what they really are trying to say. In the first translation it looks like they implicate Abadi but in the second translation it says "before Abadi" which I take to mean before Abadi got there. Just my
  12. A doughnut hole says Its a government hack job (maybe us or the brits)
  13. Holy Shiite! If this is true it is awesome! They hacked the CBI website and outed Maliki. These hackers are exposing the corrupt Iranian backed puppets. Iraq needs to clean house to move forward and if it takes the hacking of the CBI to get the message out there I'm all for it.