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  1. Heads up!! Luigi has posted and intelligent and thoughtful remark here in the rumors section concerning Thug's Breitling post. Credit where credit is due
  2. Is there a therapy for this condition? Do you stare at the ceiling for a moment and think about baseball until the urge to click calms down? Fake a finger cramp?
  3. Being broke has never stopped the US of A from going forward or is it backwards???
  4. I completely agree, strangely, with each of you. For the most part. Markinsa may have the most insight of all that have posted here. And I follow that thought. I think Luigi is many things, none of which are very nice but not a pumper. My idea of pumping would have to have some degree of believability. Very few of Luigi's repost or recraps have anything that is remotely believable. Character wise he's a turd. You can't handle as much crap as Luigi and not get some on you. But he is not a pumper. In my book I'm glad that Luigi is not VIP. I don't want to do business with him post rv. Sadly, I think that he does know better. He may be here by design. To keep the site more well rounded.
  5. I would imagine a vibrator is or was against the "law" also ??
  6. Hey Snow, I purchased nearly all of my IQD from eBay. The prices do seem to be higher than normal. And fewer offers.
  7. I think this translates from Scottish to "you suck"
  8. Walks like a rat, talks like a rat, smells like a rat, must be a rat
  9. Those big fire fighting planes that scoop up water. Yep, yep, they could scoop up a shark and drop it in WI .... WTH why are we thinking of ways to die?? you guys are sick puppies
  10. What!????!! There was no RV last week??? Life is good. Hang tight everybody, the landing could get a little bumpy. Think of the RV as a gift package lost/delayed in the mail. It might show up today or Tuesday or in 3 months. Hopefully, the package is not from grandma. She always sent clothes. More socks and underwear.
  11. What denoms and price per million? Thank you
  12. He never said which Thursday ..... Bahahaha