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  1. There is a friends and family option ???? wish i had know that
  2. what did the one on the half right do ? his knot is behind his head, as to choke vs. break his neck and he did drop very far at all. Again, not breaking the neck but a slower death. So, what where to meals ?? I'm guessing not a BLT
  3. okane

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    I second the Platinum status
  4. okane

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    You're the best Granny !!
  5. okane

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    A TG gets a break too! A week without having to ruff someone up. What will she do? Target practice? Polish the 6-shooter?
  6. okane

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Finally a break !!! Wooo Hoooo ! Thank you Adam, for all you have done over the past soooo many years. That was some very specific speculation. I like it !
  7. Tmills, the cheapest way to get started with OSI is with a Name Reserve. It technically starts the Incorporation process now but allows you to pay the balance post RV.
  8. @mrchips, my understanding is that you have to have one of two things happen before having to report to the IRS regarding IQD. 1. Having a foreign bank account with , I believe, 10K USD or more. 2. Having a "taxable event". Selling your IQD. You would be liable for taxes on the gain. How that gain will be taxed is still a point of speculation. Some of your questions are better answered in the OSI section. Adam has created a few options to increase your profits and better control your taxes that are covered in the VIP section .
  9. I agree with, "at some time we are going to run out of things that need to be done". I think we are about to that point now! This may be getting to a now or never. They seem to have much of the process set up like dominos over the pat few weeks. We can only hope that the process continues to a good return in the end for all involved in the IQD.
  10. okane

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Thanks Adam. Makes sense to me
  11. okane

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    If you do still have any 50 dinar notes there is a market ! Ebay And the going rates are crazy
  12. Sounds like he is reading from the old Bush play book
  13. @ Miler, "don't technically allow"? I happens on eBay everyday. You can't list IQD for $1,000 or more. They say to keep dealers at bay.
  14. okane

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 December 2017

    What a HUGE perk! Get into VIP for the Crypto currency info alone. You can buy all the Dinar your heart desires with your profits. It is new and a lot to wrap your head around but the help and information in VIP will walk you right through it. Step by step. I more than doubled my Bit holding / money in less than 4 weeks. Lite Coin has increased 219% in seven days. You can start with $5 or whatever, just get started !!! Thank you all for being so helpful and generous. Merry Christmas!!!!
  15. okane

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 December 2017

    "Is today Wednesday?" You get all the easy questions ! Thanks for the update !! So a $100 investment into Lite Coin in January would have increased to $8,000 today

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