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  1. ISIS is/are such lowlifes, they have no shame or honor. They kill just to kill.
  2. They know something. I'd be afraid ISIS would blow it up during prayers. They might think about praying from home.
  3. Honey, ISIS is killing their own over at the park today. Grab the kids and let's go check it out.
  4. "ask and ye shall receive" thank you Tiger for the map and all that you do to keep us informed. You're the best !!
  5. the last Mosul battle map that I saw was from Wednesday. Are there more resent ones?
  6. And in a culture where women have so few rights
  7. That is very sad
  8. Sorry but my Chinese is very poor
  9. Snow with the selfies again
  10. Screw the crystal ball ! Where can I find some redhaired pixies ?
  11. Well, now that you brought that up, Snow does have a picture of said boots. So in the words of Shania Twain, "Who's bed have YOUR boots been under"