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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    And to Genx in N.C. , What an inspirational share !!!! Bless your heart, you are amazing !! I think that should just close the book of excuses for any of the rest of us.
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    Wow ! So well said and a complement so well deserved. If I hadn't seen the gradual change, I may have thought that his wife had started writing in his place.
  3. This may be a stupid question, but here goes. Are there any "Articles" or laws that pertain directly to an RV. Or is Article 140 the closest thing that we have the go with???
  4. Agreed Gypsygirl, this is a big step in the right direction. I wonder if this will help the some of Warka's issues
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    I could go for some baseless promises but I'm shallow that way ..... well we do have Luigi to fill that need Think I'll stick with Adam !! Go team
  6. Didn't you mean to say "LMFAO" Laughing My Flocking Ass Off???
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 4 October 2017

    Vegas, what a crappy thing to happen. Our hearts go out to them. Some amazing people also truly stepped up. I saw a story about a Marine vet and friend who "stole" borrowed a truck, looked for the most injured and drove about 30 to a hospital nearby. He made TWO trips before an ambulance got to the scene.
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    Thanks Adam ! Let's That they can do this.
  9. A Camary! It would be AMAZING for them to pull all this together .... FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 6 September 2017

    Good Morning to all ! Thank you Adam. And for all that y'all doYou are much appreciated. It has been a very long ride. Your level headedness and guidance has been priceless through it all.
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Hey look ! There's one of Snow's friends! Hey Spider
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Thug! Thug! Thug! Thug!, You da clown I noticed that Turd11 was speaking from the Okie / Luigi view point also. Thanks Adam So that is how you spell prognostications ?

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