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  1. Why are we arresting these a**holes? If they are of no use to us then, they are of no use.
  2. Is it just me? Or is Nuri Maliki synonymous with corruption??? Is this not a connect the dots puzzle that a 4 year old could figure out?
  3. I think they learned that from Obama and others
  4. The blue sofa? Does it have stains similar to "the blue dress"?
  5. No, not strange but you did get a chuckle out of the back row
  6. The so called militias are nothing more than terrorist thug gangs. They should be shot on sight. They are no better than the ISIS scum. If these "militias" were worth their salt, they would have been fighting ISIS all along.
  7. Preach on!!
  8. Things are heatin' up in the kitchen!!!
  9. To the Happy Man question. Makes you wonder! What is Kuwait at ? Last I looked it was 3.55 to 1 USD. Even if it wasn't equal, a 2-1 ( 2 IQD to 1 KWD ) the IQD would be at $1.77 USD. But at a 3-1 ratio ( 3 IQD to 1 KWD ) the USD value would be ..... $1.18. How many times have you seen that rate lately??? Strange, me thinks.