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  1. Sold what I needed to sell. Thank you colts469 for buying some and easy transaction!
  2. I am selling 7 MIL 25k uncirculated notes I bought a few years ago. Asking $840/MIL.
  3. LOL that's not what i meant.
  4. Interesting. make you go humm.......maybe this relate to our can only hope.
  5. I am also interested. Let me know if its still available. I'll take all 2mil.
  6. LOL did he really say that about Myanmar kyat? I was born there so I might be in luck since my grandmom and relatives still live there. As a matter of fact my dad is going to visit the country next month, maybe I should tell him to bring the boat load of Myanmar currencies for me I know they just started the democracy but this is gonna be a long long wait IMO if its even gonna happen.
  7. LOL I didn't know who Bulldog was so I was hoping he's creditable until he mention Okie....... nevermind!
  8. Great advice! We have to remember not to get too greedy. Greed will get us in trouble. Reserving dinar is very tempting but if you don't have money to pay for the rest then you shouldn't use reserve option anyway. I remember back in December I was so tempting to do reserve with Dinar Trade because they just started the process of the GOI. But, I went with my gut feeling and stay grounded by not doing the reserve and just bought only a few that I had money for. Almost 9 months later I am still holding a few that I bought rather than wasted money on reserve.
  9. Amen brother! Not saying I am all against the possibility of 911 being the inside job, but I will believe it if I see hard evidence. There will always be conspiracist on any events because people have twisted minds. But that doesn't mean I will over look the truth. I will do my due diligent and believe only the truth......also apply to RV rumors
  10. Did your friend write this or is he just forwarding this email? If it is forward message IMHO it sound like the kind Okie would write. But if it is directly from your friend then it would be interesting.
  11. LOL they probably are newbies and read Okie post. Common RV!!!!
  12. ♪Happy birthday to you ♪ Today is also my wife birthday
  13. Ahhh.....good ol fortune cookie. Common RV!!!!!
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