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  1. MANNY99

    Is this true?

    For the three million times Korea is not on program rate
  2. MANNY99

    Is this true?

    You are in the wrong forum that was peperoni and not Adam😜
  3. MANNY99

    Is this true?

    But Vietnam is article VIII with tradable currency.
  4. MANNY99

    ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

    Did you transfer warka stocks too? if so can you tell me how to do it..thank you!!!
  5. CBI why don't just go !@#$% yourself we are so tired of this bs!!!
  6. MANNY99

    Buy Digital IQD

    Thank you Normala . Is that 4500 bit OR 4.5 bit that you convert ?
  7. MANNY99

    Buy Digital IQD

    Also IQD has to be internationally recognized. This is good
  8. MANNY99

    Master Card Features

    But keep in mind vietnam are not working on program rate like iraq .
  9. Very nice, but where did you get that 1- " all salaries are locked in as of 21st on Mastercards" 2- "95 % e card 5% cash, usable as of 28th of this month FIRST TIME EVER on international cards"

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