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  1. Great analogy. I remember the Dolphins well in the 70’s, fantastic games. Bob Grisie, Mercury Morris, Paul Warfield, etc, really enjoyed watching that team play. Thanks for the reminder. 😊
  2. Agreed!!! BUT, do you believe Sadr would actually trust Maliki and back him? Surely Sadr doesn’t have his head in the sand about Maliki. IMO, Abadi is the man we need for the next 4 years.
  3. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear this type of good news. This is the only way to achieve true economic security and insures us that we are indeed on the road to an RV. Imo. A lot of things are being quietly achieved in the background that we don’t hear about until after the fact. Hopefully before long, (no 4 letter word beginning with s from me 😄) we will awaken as wealthy people as will they. I’ve read in the past that if Iraq was truly developed, their natural resources would make them as wealthy as Dubai.
  4. Now the article Yota posted under the topic of Iraq’s debt to Iran for electricity not being paid due to the “mechanism” of payment makes more sense to me. The word “mechanism” was confusing to me until I read this article. Seemingly, Iraq was paying in dollars instead of local currency and Iran wouldn’t accept dollars due to sanctions. If I’m off base, let me know. 😊 So Iraq convert dollars into riyal and pay the darn bill and help the Iraqis.
  5. Yep, and after the U.S, military left, the Iraqi military totally disregarded the training the US provided them and were so poorly prepared for war that they threw their weapons down and RAN when ISIS first attacked. Geez. And lest we forget Maliki never appointed a Defense Minister nor an Interior Minister because he wanted to keep control of the military and the police. As much as I disliked Obama’s policies, ISIS is on Maliki’s head. Imo. He is so crooked and evil. Such a shame ISIS didn’t get him since the CIA can’t seem to take care of the problem.
  6. GRRRR, has Maliki conveniently forgotten not offering immunity to our military? Maliki and Obama wanted our military out and that is what they got. I better get off of this site this morning because I can sense a soapbox rant coming. 😁😁
  7. ...Iran is fearing a judicial move by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, to prosecute the leader of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki, which maintains good relations with him, while referring to the escape of dozens of wanted to judge on charges Related to corruption. "Dozens of political figures accused of corruption left Iraq, coinciding with the end of the legislative session (June 30), fearing their prosecution after the lifting of their immunity," the newspaper quoted a source as saying on condition of anonymity. So, Maliki is still in Iran’s pocket. No surprise there. Regarding “dozens of political figures escaping”: I thought we read several months ago that passports had been taken away from many of those suspected of corruption so may I assume these crooks escaped to Iran where their passports weren’t checked? 😏 The very moment the immunity was lifted, the military should have been waiting beside the bozos to immediately arrest them. 😬Just my 2 cents.
  8. The Supreme Court has in recent years "made" law instead of interpreting the Constitution which is their real job. So, if the liberal judges are going to side with Liberal issues, then the conservative judges can dang well side with the Conservative issues. However, this scenario was not what the founding fathers intended. The liberals would be salivating if a Liberal president was in office now and had this opportunity, but since it is a Conservative president, the liberals believe it is Armageddon. As Obama said, "elections have consequences" and this is a consequence of our having a Republican president in office. Thank the Lord for that!!!!
  9. Bama Girl

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    Totally agree Pitcher. I do not expect anything to happen with the CBI until the government is stable but that was my opinion and wanted others. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Bama Girl

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    Well said 10 Years Later. My thinking is along the same line. I never want to discourage people but some get their hopes up with an article or two and I hate for them to be disappointed as we all have been in the past. Thank you for your input
  11. Bama Girl

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    I am thinking exactly along the same lines Chuck. A lot is being done, but we still need a lot to be done imo.:-)
  12. Bama Girl

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    Your thoughts are always welcomed and appreciated, thank you!!
  13. Bama Girl

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    Wondering if the rate will change before the election recount is completed? Any thoughts anyone?

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