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Kaperoni"s Chat 8/21/11


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* Halo (Kaperoni’s Chat): PTR 8/21/11

August 22nd, 2011 08:41 am · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info)



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[kaperoni] Hi everyone. Welcome to DinarAlert chat.

[kaperoni] Tonight’s chat is all about the CBI.

[kaperoni] Please sit

[kaperoni] Before I get started, I am please to announce a great new product …landline “voice call” direct to your home or business landline!

[kaperoni] DinarAlert now offers both “SMS” RV notification on your cell telephone, or “voice call” on your landline. Sign up is simple and easy.

[kaperoni] Now is the time, before it is too late, to get this service. Knowing as soon as possible when the RV occurs is the first step in activating your cash-in plan.

[kaperoni] Bob monitors many sources of information, so when the RV happens he will send out an SMS message or a pre-recorded voice message to all that are signed up. Then all of you can start planning your future.

[kaperoni] Now,

[kaperoni] Please no typing…to prevent yourself from getting kicked while your sitting idle, periodically click the “Online” button above the list of names.

[kaperoni] Ok, lets get started.

[kaperoni] Let’s talk about a few articles this week.

[kaperoni] The first one…

[kaperoni] Shabibi .. Is it enough to replace the Iraqi currency to save it from collapse? 2011-08-06

[kaperoni] This is a really good article.

[kaperoni] They talk about the the last 7 years and the economy…Then they say that it is time…

[kaperoni] Here are a few quotes…

[kaperoni] “Thus pushing the Iraqi Central Bank’s decision to replace the currency Atkhama by deleting three zeros in an attempt to raise the value of the world.”

[kaperoni] And another quote..

[kaperoni] “Has announced Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor completing the preparation of a plan to replace the current banknotes after the cancellation of three zeros,

[kaperoni] and include 30 trillion dinars (26 billion dollars), is the value of expected cash bloc, stressing that the timing will be determined by the government and parliament, Iraqi.”

[kaperoni] They go on to say…

[kaperoni] “the application of the new project will be according to mechanisms scalable in the form is not felt by the citizens,”

[kaperoni] That they will…

[kaperoni] “put quantities in the market and the withdrawal of which is maintained by the government banks of the block and replace , and remain only in

[kaperoni] the possession of the citizens of the trading day, and can conduct his business in the two currencies of any existing and new,’s goods as current price, for example, JD 1000 The customer can give the seller the present paper a class 1000 dinars,

[kaperoni] as well as be able to give him a coin a new category of one dinar.”

[kaperoni] Ok, lets talk about that

[kaperoni] This is great news everyone.

[kaperoni] We all knew this…but they are telling the people now. No confusion here whatsoever!

[kaperoni] And the best quote of all…

[kaperoni] “and generally coming days will determine, either revalue the Iraqi currency if there is demand for it globally or to depreciate more.”

[kaperoni] Here is the link ..


[kaperoni] ok next article

[kaperoni] Now today was a great day.

[kaperoni] The Parliament posted an article on their website. I found this this morning…

[kaperoni] Finance Committee meets Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sunday August 21, 2011

[kaperoni] Here are some quotes…

[kaperoni] “Met Haider Abadi, head of the Finance Committee on Tuesday, 16/8/2011 Mr. Shabibi central bank governor, and also discussed the project to delete the zeros of the

[kaperoni] Iraqi dinar and the reasons and legal requirements and accounting and procedural preparations conducted by the Central Bank of the process of printing, transporting and distributing the new currency as well as Commission’s role in

[kaperoni] providing financial support for this project.”

[kaperoni] And another quote..

[kaperoni] “For his part, Shabibi that the new currency attributes are difficult to falsify in addition to the fortifications that put the new currency and explained that the project if

[kaperoni] implemented will strengthen the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies.”

[kaperoni] You see what he said?????

[kaperoni] This is clearly a revaluation of the dinar!

[kaperoni] Is this parliament article the green light?

[kaperoni] Only time will tell.

[kaperoni] Here is the link…

[kaperoni] Ill have to fix it later


[kaperoni] Now,

[kaperoni] I want to talk about another article…This one concerns me.

[kaperoni] This is what we all need to listen to..IMO

[kaperoni] Here is the article

[kaperoni] Iqbal, the buying process .. the central Iraqi dinar fell for: small traders destroy our monetary policy Saturday 20/08/2011 16:05

[kaperoni] Here is the quote that causes some concern…

[kaperoni] “Jamal Al Ajili, director of foreign remittances, in an interview with “the world” yesterday, said that “most of the savings of Iraqi citizens are currently in dollars, not Iraqi dinars, which is still a source of concern to him in case of

[kaperoni] different exchange rates of foreign currencies.”

[kaperoni] Do you see what they are saying there?

[kaperoni] That most Iraqi saving accounts are in USD. Now, if was an Iraqi, I would want all my money in Dinars! Especially now that they have stated this is a revaluation.

[kaperoni] If the majority of Iraqis have USD and there bank accounts are in USD, they will not reap

[kaperoni] the benefit other than the new buying power. I would want as much New Dinar as I could get. If this is true, this will prevent wealth in iraq. This will prevent overnight millionaires from occurring at the RV.

[kaperoni] This also goes for loans and borrowing money, If I was an Iraqi, I would borrow as much money at the current rate as I could….knowing well that once the RV hits, they will have a huge gain on their money.

[kaperoni] If this is, in fact, true, this could he a huge cause for concern.

[kaperoni] This article goes on to say…Here is a quote..

[kaperoni] “And Raising the zeros of the dinar and the restructuring of the currency, said the appearance of the “Central finished fully prepared and referred to the government and the

[kaperoni] Council of Representatives to discuss it calmly, a project of strategic and long-term, I do not say it will happen tomorrow or after tomorrow

[kaperoni] because it projects the reform of management of resources, the currency in Iraq” .

[kaperoni] And a few more quotes…I will break them down…

[kaperoni] “He pointed out that “the restructuring means the issuance of a combination of the different categories of existing categories, “

[kaperoni] “and the lifting of the zeroes means “

[kaperoni] “that the number of account will be lower, “

[kaperoni] “does not affect the value of the currency and transactions of individuals and their income and wealth does not affect the contracts and obligations of individuals contractual and mandatory,

[kaperoni] arguing that” the total money supply of currency, amounting to about 32 trillion dinars and will be replaced after less than 30 billion dinars. “

[kaperoni] Link…


[kaperoni] They have spelled it out for Iraqi’s.

[kaperoni] But why do they all have their money in USD?

[kaperoni] Good stuff everyone.

[kaperoni] We will find out soon.

[kaperoni] This is close.

[kaperoni] Done


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Even kap isn't looking at and fully understanding the articles that Iraq is under and what they entail. Look at the BIG picture, understand ALL the moving parts and this article only confirms what "The Plan" was from the beginning. Hang in folks. It's all good.


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Even kap isn't looking at and fully understanding the articles that Iraq is under and what they entail. Look at the BIG picture, understand ALL the moving parts and this article only confirms what "The Plan" was from the beginning. Hang in folks. It's all good.


I gave you a +1 just to even you out, not sure why you got a -....

Anyways I agree, the "plan" is coming together and I still feel good. Patience is a virtue

Go RV!

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