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  1. Good point ronscarpa...reminds me of the great annointed one "O" who's admin quickly slanders any person bold enough to opose his lunacy.
  3. No it is the other so called news sources that choose to hide truth from viewers if it hurts the current administration or the liberal adgenda and we find that offensive. The more you people try to diminish FOX News the more we realize we should actually pay attention to FOX News, the manipulation and distortion you've become accustomed to is foolish at best, at the very least concerning. Stop trying to slander any oposition it is so petty and transparent.
  4. Ya don't need hollow point ammunition for target practice. No one uses that kind of ammunition to one. The DHS response is a diception.
  5. Hey thanks we don't seem to get a lot of consideration these days so we appreciate that very much. Happy Valentimes Day to you Uneek and others ;0)
  6. ANYTHING that brings attention to the NDAA and the governments seizure of our personal privacy and gauranteed rights is very important and welcome to me. Thanks for sharing + 1 for you
  7. Deltori

    food stamps

    Yep I've seen it myself. And these same poeple of course spouting off on Facebook about how you're stupid if you don't vote for Obama (this last election) Naturally I chimed in on those comments and shut down every ignorant claim they made. Naturally I don;t receive a thing other than tax demands from the government. Another sad thing is that the truth (like what you just stated willnever see the light of day with this media) so the public is once again asked not to look at the man behind the curtain. Truth no longer matters, results no longer matter, prosperity is no longer yours...UGH I'm so sick of this administration, hell all politics in general are a bunch of liars, theives and whores...
  8. I hope this gets some real attention. by the way I wonder where OCDUDE is with his Obama smoke screen blatherings to discredit any attempt to unveil the truth behind this imposter.
  9. Yes it seems that libs are the real racists because they are the ones continually bringing the issue of color up everywhere you turn. Conservatives don't deal with issues based on race but libs always default to race based dissmisals. I guess thats what you do when you are out of ideas.
  10. Yep the mechanisms were put in place long ago by the bilionaire socialists like soros. They gained control of the major media outlets and look at the content they pump to unaware masses (very effective by the way). That coupled with control of the education system (coupled with centralized content like this program) allows carefully crafted suggestion to plyable brains so that the liberal mindset is wired into our next generations paving the way towards socialism and ultimately the new world order. You see all of the pieces lined up to take control. And the few hold outs, us patriots simultaniously being slandered and smeared by the media and education system pretty much gaurantees one conclusion...unless there is rsistance...oh those pesty freedom lovers keep getting in the way, damn why do they fight for their freedom? BECAUSE IT'S WORTH DYING FOR
  11. How do you know who has and has not been asked to provide one of the many required documents needed to be a presidential candidate. It is typically done out of the public eye. Only when there is suspicssion does it come into play in public. I guees you just assumed that? Also Orly Taitz isn't the only one aware of Obama'sseveral SS#'s it's documented by several sources. I feel that sufficient proof has been provided to at least be reviewed in a court of law. Being thrown out without being reviewed doesn;t tell me anything other than a liberal judge doesn't want to open a can of worms. And I guess yuo're statement about "But then, that's not ALL that is different about THIS president." is somehow designed to implicate a racial bias? The commonly used shelter for libs to stop anyone from speaking out against the president...Thats just sad and now has become tired. So no one can investigate anomolies if someone is of color? Wow what does that lead to?
  12. Every presidential candidate is supposed to be vetted by their party's committe prior to running. Part of the vetting process is supposed to include verification of natural born citizen status. This was not done by the democrats... gee I wonder why. It's a basic requirement here because we know imposters can/will ruin our great nation from the inside out, like we see today..
  13. THAT is the fairy tale. Um yea really certified right, sorry again we have not been given the real artifact just a doctored copy. Are you aware of the birth records process in Hawii? Check it out, it can be done retroactively and that opens up a million holes. The officials in Hawii have been less than cooperative with any real invesitagtors. They tried muscling sherriff arpaios deputies out of the hospital when they arrived to look at the original on file. The refused and called in local police to intimidate the sherrifs deputies. People don't do that to law enforcement, and don't get huffy with investigators unless they have something to hide. Also look into "Red Diaper babies", please also gogle the book "Dreams of my Real Father" read it and if you still walk away with full certainty in your stated position I will be astonished. I assure you the birth certificate procedures in Hawii (the only state in the nation that does this) are a current threat to national security as they are and need to be shored up. Also please look into Obamas use of multiple social security numbers. Why would he do that? Man I gotta tell you this many conflicts don;t arise with people that have nothing to hide. Thats just common sense.
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