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Frank26 & KTFM Conference Call 3-30-2011

Don Paul

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Frank26 & KTFM Conference Call 3-30-2011

Part 1

Frank opens with a prayer and a song....

My stating April 7th was not me saying it would RI-RV on that date - I do not give dates and I point you in directions to study - example to follow Hillarious - she was very busy with ME - her aids are in Iraq today talking with Zebari today.

We state our conference calls with dignity and the GOI does all things possible to throw us off the track so we are careful with what we post and say on the conference calls...

Even the GOI articles can't be believed due to wrong information given even in the same article.

Those that say RV tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow - be careful who leads you -let GOD lead you...

Frank opens with a song How Great Thou Art and a prayer.

We have been waiting for Iraq to announce itself and each week the inch closer - then they argue and then they say ok and start all over again... childish... the last 10 days that everyone realizes that the GOI is active and functioning and Maliki hides the power - hiding the GOI releases the budget but the don't want to due to the rate and the reinstatement of the dinar to $3.22 up to $3.86 - we have waited for them to SIT DOWN.

Newbies go back to 2009 last quarter Shabibi announced they would collect the large amount of the dinars - Shabibi said in 2010 inflation was kept down and he asked the GOI to get things done...and April at elections they were still not ready and Maliki grabbed the elections and became "mini Saddam" and terrorized with power and threats ....the CBI worked to control inflation those years to remove the large notes that the value was tiny winy and now those big bills can't function with a large value and so they collected them and will introduce the lower denoms and raise their value of the currency and SIT THE GOI but Maliki said no he was not ready yet during the year and took his time to form the cabinet - and Shabibi told Maliki to SIT his GOI or no increase in value of the currency. Maliki wasted 9 months and shabibi thought at end of 2010 Maliki may be done... but Shabibi got on TV he would raise the value of the dinar and remove the higher denoms and lift the 3 zeros and bring out the lower denoms and follow THE PLAN and improve the economic structure of the country...but they parliament went on vacation -

FOLKS THE GOI IS SEATED - today my pilot calls and says the head of chamber of commerce of Baghdad was with him so I spoke to the Head of the Chamber - so my pilot asked him when does he think this will raise in value - and the chamber said 1 1/2 years from now..... so Frank says what? They are in Liverpool cause the Ships are loading up what the USA dropped off two years ago - and why are they still looking for aid but my pilot would not ask him - Frank asked what does he have on - An Armoni suit- he is driving a Mercedes - Frank said his voice started to go up as he doesn't like the GOI and Frank said to tell this man to stop feeling sorry for hisself while the citizens of Iraq are dying and that the contracts and charity to Iraq are drying up and that companies through out the world are going bankrupt cause Iraq is NOT paying what is in those contracts - how dare you sign them and not pay them as promised - and ask this man

WHO is about to have seminars and meetings in Baghdad to train folks in IRAQ on HOW to be a member of the WTO - yes the WTO is going to train Iraq HOW TO BE A MEMBER OF THE WTO - you don't train them if they are NOT GOING TO BE A PART - why waste anyone's time right - they want them to be in tune with what they need to do to be a successful part! WTO said last year to raise your currency and YOU CAN JOIN - and now the WTO is going to train them in Baghdad? They count them as a ready member to join -

We present you this to think about... April 7th is the day the WTO comes out with their official list of official members OF THE WTO.... and April 8th and 9th.... pay attention.

You think the USA has problems with their budget - do not pay attention to our financial issues as a new extension will be given on our behalf of our budget...

The WTO is inviting them - does the dinar have to go up in value BEFORE THEY TRAIN THEM _ they can train the with a lesser value - but they KNOW they are going to join... the letter of intent (LOI) was not granted last year but the need was to raise their currency. The LOI requested on March 3rd who was working with UST since 1st of FEB. They cannot reprint any currency as they don't even have the 15% to do it ... it costs too much - this country is suffocating - who is helping them? Today the Chamber of Commerce guy is married to one of Shabibi's daughter's....

Shabibi told Maliki in Sept last year to SIT and next 3 months on TV in Iraq they would reinstate the currency and 1st of FED the US Treasury showed up over there and the UNSC met with them and the WTO said we will push ourselves into YOU to make you do what you need to do to be recognized - not just the VISA are OK but GET IT DONE...

In Jan the Parliament got to work and have been working ever sense - there is no more riots as they know its about to attention to OIL - indirectly Oil a movement will start across the ME and when oil reaches $100 a barrel give me a call I said - then Phase 2 will start - The Arthur's of The Plan do not waste time - the VISA cards are now approved to use across all of Iraq and you can charge in Baghdad and Dubia -

The Green zone Warka Bank closed today - NO MORE - GONE this bank is now closed and told the Americans at the embassy in green zone to come get their Dinars out - we can wire them home but you can't mail them but we are closing today.

Maliki is working now in the right direction - in Dec my team was in code white and in FEb 28th when Maliki told Shabibi to raise the currency - we went into code Green - Maliki is actually allowing Shabibi todowhat is needed to raise the curreyncy - the VISA card - closing of the Warka Bank - TD Bank in Washington DC is no longer selling Dinar - Forex won't allow them too -

Is the USTreasury Coming back - the day they do completely that is huge-

Hillarious -her aids are now in Baghdad

Oil - at $104 we are USED to that - THEY GOT US acclimated to this - at this phase of Phase 2 to make sure of those not in tune with THE MARSHALL PLAN had to go - a wave was to remove the political leaders that were not in harmony with THE PLAN Authors. WHen this is launched -watch what rises...

Shabibi came out two days ago - remember the day he comes out into the open he will have something for us - we are projecting and see - the work he did with UST and the IMF homework telling us the next time we see him he will have a rate for Maliki - HIS article came out from 2005 that said he will raise the currency was printed by him - it was his shadow - this was his goals and he has this reprinted two days ago....

The closing of the Warka Bank in green zone is huge

Part 2

Darline states the articles states the WTO and whats happening tomorrow they are beginning their workshop there in Baghdad for what purpose - if they were NOT going to have them be official members why do this?

Foreign Minister receives deputy U.S. Secretary of State Received, and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari at his residence in London on the morning of 3/30/2011, Mr. Jeffrey Feltman, Deputy U.S. Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs- They also touched on how that can be performed through an end to the provisions of Security Council resolutions adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations concerning the situation between Iraq and Kuwait - Chapter 7 and Frank said its done on this end of the fence- the ME is in favor of what we the USA are doing-

Turkey signed an investment deal with Iraq for more than $20 million dollars and a whole senior delegation was there.

Article states this will be over $3 read -


Originally Posted by walkingstick

Exit from the neck of the economy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 23:20

Obeida Naimi - still the national currency of Iraq (Dinar) at a standstill, and we believe it is just the demise of the economic embargo imposed on Iraq for 12 years, the (dinar) will restore its health, if not the one from three dollars, Frosa head, it is true that the improvement slightly emerged after changing the political system, and the issuance of new editions of the coin, Darline says these are the lower denoms - fils per Frank but the exchange rate stood at a certain point, Frank says yes it did stay at 1170and it seems that those charged with formulating monetary policy, dissatisfied with this result, Frank say this is the Arthors of the Plan thats usas if they were afraid of aftershocks hit the currency setbacks new, Frank said we stopped this ...maybe not Tsafha any actions timely or future, and therefore see a picture of the economy through the value of national currency against hard currencyFrank says thats that USDollar, which controls the course of all economic activities, and greatly affects the living conditions of citizens.

We do not know, why there are no plans to jump currency to the top, especially given that oil alone is fit to be a cover for them, Frank said thats the plan of Oil to go over $100 since January as in the seventies of the last century, as awarded the purchasing power in the currency market, Frank says that's the $3.22 possible that conferred today with force, but if there is a strain What prevents this, as public policy factors are influential, so policies are economic factors are affecting the other. Frank says you better believe it CONTRACTS FAILING....

But, let's move away from the conspiracy theory that Akhartna much, after that we are, we believe we are moving Kalrobutat, or pawns of chess, by hidden hands, and try to expose some of the imbalances in the economic structure Frank says they are filling in the gaps and IMF is pleased in what they see....through self-flagellation to publicly Nnatq the status of the dissipation of the East once, and the West times .

The beginning, we must recognize and acknowledge that our real problem, we do not have the ability to manage state resources properly, and this does not mean lack of talent,Frank says lack of value in their currency but because this (talent) is absent for the levels of responsibility held positions Frank says lazy in the absence of time, and they lack the possibilities scientific, technical, and here was this problem as a stumbling block to raise the value of the currency from its current rate. Frank says WOW

No doubt, that the currency is the interface the country's economy, as noted, is a means and not an end to economic exchange, and therefore the high value that is associated with activating the various economic sectors so that there is diversity in the sources of national income, instead of limiting it to oil imports, Frank says talking about the dutch disease scenario her so just raise the value it would work outalthough these imports alone are eligible to strengthen the currency, but in a country as diverse resources such as Iraq needs to achieve its investment process, comprehensive, in order to believe in other sources within the general budget resources, in addition to preventing waste of hard currency to import goods and products that can be produced locally, and which adversely affect the currency based on national supply and demand.

The deterioration of the economy in any country, and the deterioration of productive sectors, is reflected directly on the reality of its currency national, so we need practical steps to start investment projects, for infrastructure development, for economic growth, and pumping of hard currency at home.

We would like to point out here that the adoption of the Iraqi Central Bank to pump hard currency in its daily auction to control the exchange rate of national currency against the dollar, can not raise the value of the currency, but keep it to a single case of stability with some of the rise or decline marginally,Frank says PIP movements ....what should be to put a policy appropriate to the country's resources to the high value of the currency, to not only be including the deletion of zeros at the present time, Frank says WOW .....what caused the severe damage to slices of employees and retirees and the totals of salaries of social protection network, and the poor in general, and if he does not need this procedure, it should be preceded by a plan to stimulate the re-cycle of the process productivity and economic whole, in various agricultural and industrial sectors, services and deliberative, banking and investment, thereby promoting each episode the other links in the mobilization of all reservoirs, capacity and channel players, either reclining on (deletion) in raising the value of the currency, it is just a fake so-called phenomenon of (monetary illusion), and does not constitute a real phenomenon, because the real value of the monetary union Frank says all the money they have (the dinar) is in the amount of goods and services that can be obtained in time, which does not reflect the monetary value Frank says of the value of the contracts written of what they have right now is not written in 1170 rate - woooo hooo says Frank -of the number before manifested any signs of the true value of the monetary union.

So, no room for deception, or lure people through the mechanisms of temporary soon turn against them, Bala, and are taking steps to correct for the advancement of economic reality, all the way to restore confidence in national currency and the real exchange rate.

Frank states this article is showing they want OVER $3.00 Dinar - this article came out today at 11:30AM from Walkingstick - you are da man Dennis!!!

Part 3

Darline said keepingthefaith69 posted an article that says IMF Suggests stable Iraq dinar -

Posted on 30 March 2011. Tags: IMF, International Monetary Fund, IQD, iraqi dinar, Redenomination, revaluation

A report on Monday by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests that the Iraqi dinar is currently fairly valued at 1170 dinars to the US dollar:

“The CBI [Central Bank of Iraq] will continue to aim at keeping inflation low, predominantly by maintaining a stable exchange rate. The low level and the relative stability of inflation do not suggest any significant over- or under-valuation of the Iraqi dinar. Also, a stable exchange rate continues to provide a solid anchor for the public’s expectations in an otherwise highly uncertain environment and in an economy with a very low level of financial intermediation.”

The report continues, “Meanwhile, the CBI will continue to keep its policy interest rate positive in real terms. To enhance mobilization of domestic financing, limitations on state-owned banks’ use of government deposits for investing in Treasury bills have been reduced, while the pension fund has also been allowed to invest in Treasury bills and to participate in auctions directly.”

It also allows for the possibility of an upward drift in the value of the dinar over the years:

“Staff supports the CBI’s policy of managing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to keep inflation low. A stable exchange rate continues to provide a solid anchor for the public’s expectations in an otherwise highly uncertain environment. Over time, rising oil revenues could put upward pressure on the real exchange rate, which would warrant allowing greater exchange rate flexibility.”

There are no more PIP auctions that control the inflation buy adjusting the rate by $1.25 at the most. these small growths kept inflation in check but now its not happening. Inflation is UP as they can't control it.... they painted themselves in a corner and will fall in the grand canyon.

Darline said today- she has it on good authority that you Frank have been told of one TD Bank and we have a member of our forum who called to purchase dinar there yesterday and they were handed down something from Forex stating they cannot sell anymore - so he went in person and again TD Bank is now officially not selling dinar any longer

Debtarheelgirl stated that also today one of our KTFM members spoke with their Private Banker at First Citizens Bank in North Carolina and the Banker stated to our member that the Iraqi Dinar would become a tradeable currency real soon and that they will be glad to assist them with their dinar holdings when the Dinar is tradeable – also that First Citizens there did not have a local de la ru machine but would be sending the dinar off third party for authentication and again they would be glad to assist them when the Dinar was recognized which they heard would be soon…

Frank says the WTO will be done training when? Pay attention to that.

A member who lost her husband 4 weeks ago took this dinar they had ( she didn't understand it too well) to the bank to say what should I do with this... and the banker told her that the rate would be $3.86 and the banker said to come in next Wednesday and I will talk to you more.... so we wait her call as she had another family medical tragedy today but we will post when we hear....

Frank gives a Shout Out to the group of 40,000 in the Florida islands that listen to our Conference Calls.


Part 4

Darline has article from Janie B:

The Border 833 issue is solved with Kuwait and Iraq today and the other issue is the one of the people who were used in human shields - Iraq paid off Kuwait.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister: No Kuwaiti ambitions in Iraq's wealth

2011-03-30 15:25

Politics - Neighborhood: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Sabah of Kuwait was not the ambitions of Iraq's wealth in Kuwait, noting that Kuwait is what you want the neighborhood safe, productive and safe, as the saying goes, «fence creates good neighborliness good».

For his part, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq's commitment to resolution 833, the sovereignty and integrity and borders of Kuwait.

Zebari said for the first time during this meeting, held talks professional, technical, and practical without compliments, noting that he touched on all issues and enter into a core according to the decisions of the Security Council, explaining that he had achieved a lot through these discussions, indicating that there is a plan through the implementation of these commitments , stressing that there are solutions proposed for each case.

He said the final statement issued by the assembled evidence that there is a desire and the will to address the issues as a whole.

Zebari stressed that the new Iraq does not want anything but good of Kuwait and aspires to be a typical relations with Kuwait in all matters.

In response to a question on remarks made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and warned from entering the Peninsula Shield Forces to Bahrain that will lead to sectarian strife, Zebari said: The events of Bahrain have affected the situation in the region, pointing to the existence of agreements between the GCC and this is about issues of sovereignty, but He continued and said: «We do not support any action that would inflame sectarian passions and always emphasized the national dialogue to resolve the issues, and the power will not solve the issues of the homeland and ended at the time the logic of the use of violence».

Delta says last 3-4 days Iraqi TV talks about today they showed all is positive - we are very very close.

My relative in Iraq Parliament called me today and I will share this as the end of this call.

THe IMF LOI that the CBI and Dr. Shabibi signed this and the new financial minister - on the 28th when Maliki gave the GREEN LIGHT for Shabibi to go ahead and execute the plan now the 3rd of March the LOI was sent to the IMF _ 71 pages long - the rate will NEVER be published no date - but they may insert working that we mostly do not understand but THEY do... most language in this LOI was the exact copy of the 2010 LOI - did you notice that - but a small statement said if any changes in the economy the CBI will send a letter to the IMF - and the CBI DID send the LOI about the rates to the IMF - and the IMF they try to change their value they have about 30 days from the LOI of intent and if 30 days pass then he has to have another request to IMF to implement now last 3-4 says about dinars from people and the complaints against inflation and the CBI and GOI talking about the inflation and how bad it is and it keeps rising - and they are talking about the TRUE value which is a program rate now of 1170 which is a low value and oil prices are above $100 and they ask the CBI why do you NOT raise the value of the DINAR they DID THIS ON IRAQ TV

Delta says that his relative in the financial commotte of the Iraq Parliament - he called Delta today and DELTA asked his relative did the GOI of Iraq sign off on the exchange rate and he said YES THEY DID on the FEB 28th and when Maliki said this to Shabibi to have the green light to do the reval - Shabibi got this sign off THEN - so its in the hand of Shabibi - and the LOI was sent to IMF not the one we say but the CBI did send a letter of intent to IMF - when the green light was given it was up to Shabibi to send the IMF the LOI - it was sent after the 3rd of March so he has 30 days to implement this plan so since the 3rd count 30 days so if he does NOT implement this plan in 30 days he has to send another LOI to extend the date... ON TV they are saying they will install the national currency. The Stand by Agreement (SBA) it goes to a lot of countries and its help for those countries - so many countries has this letter -

Delta said why did Iraq take the loan from the IMF - they are trying to build their credit - they need it to qualify - the rating for Iraq is a B now. the Credit for Iraq Country a month ago is a and that qualifies this country to now have a national recognized currency... They can pay this off early to keep their rating high... IMF wants the rate to be good so they are helping their credit rating

TOMORROW we should hear about the security position from Maliki

THE LETTER was sent to IMF and they KNOW exactly what is going to happen... SO Darline says that you know the LOI was sent but after the 3rd of March it was - and if the Security Minister is announced tomorrow - if that happens would the RV be in play - YES SAYS DELTA - and he has proof the LOI WAS SENT - go to the IMF website and go to GDDS page you can see what the country has sent in - the exchange rate column was there but you could not go into it - NOW TWO Days ago you can now click into it now - !!! you wont' see a rate but only info about Iraq how they REPORT to IMF on daily or weekly basis - so meaning Iraq right now are available for all to see - meaning the CBI is ready at any moment to have this RI.... Frank says its a necessary step we needed in order for them to put the rate up there - the embargo is lifted when UNSC resolution to deal with the currency was lifted.... they are waiting for the TRUE rates to show now - Now they are talking again on the Iraq TV talking about the rate and currency - now in Iraq they only can control the inflation by having a revalue of rhe currency ONLY...

Why is Shabibi waiting the CIB is making commission off the auctions- the CBI used to charge 13 dinar for every $ you buy cash and 7 dinars for wire transfers and now the CBI changed both wire an cash to both 13 dinars per $... the inflation will kill then if they do not raise the dinar - they know its going to happen the revalue so they are not worried - the CBI is buying time - Shabibi said they would do auctions to the last minute - the GOI gave Him the green light on the 28th...

Now watch for tomorrow watch happens - who cares what the ministers are announced or passed tomorrow but Shabibi DOES not need the rest of the GOI to do this - if Shabibi sent the LOI on the 15th then he has till April 15th but if he sent this on the 4th then he has till the 4th to revalue the currency - he cant wait due to the fast rising inflation rates. He is smart and he will wait till the last nano second... like the 29th day....there is LOTS OF PRESSURE TO RAISE THE VALUE ALL OVER THE NEWS ALL OVER THE TV THERE EVERY DAY - its shameful for them as they are the richest country in the world - every body knows THEY HAVE TO REVALUE THEIR CURRENCY.

Darline said we heard there was dancing and shooting in streets of Baghdad today due to that the minister would be announced on Thursday - is this true Delta?


Part 5


Frank gave "long" story for newbies from last year through present....

Delta came on and gave us Desert you would know we are sitting on the cusp of the RV - we don't know if its tonight but pray that it be and know that our time is near...

Caller to Frank long distance from England = the pilot stated that the chamber president of Baghdad said that the oil contracts are below market - they have to increase their production above 5 million barrels from 2.5 to sell it at the market rate to $32-$50 a barrel - their contracts has a fixed rate until the contracts run out in 12 months and both the products should be up above their current obligations or they will start loosing them. they say their oil should be up till they revalue - Frank says NO - The Chamber President said that the WTO's plan to train them was known so did that not mean anything to them.

THE CBI does not own the OIL so its not relevant to the revalue - the inflation is the issue here NOW - the inflation would destroy the country if they waited for oil production to go up to cover a revalue -

REMEMBER THE CBI HAS THE RIGHT TO RAISE THE VALUE THEY ARE INDEPENDENT OF THE GOI and Shabibi says he will install a national currency - if the inflation continues at the current rate to go up - they have to do something before destruction. THE GOI does not own the Iraqi currency - the CBI does - they BUY it from the CBI when they need it - CBI makes money off the GOI. CBI will never loose a penny from their reserve...

Electronically deposited to you at RV you won't get actual money.

Delta said maybe another 8 hours to go and maybe party time? Frank admits for us to get ready. Delta says this is meant to be - it's God given -Iraq does not even have food to eat or electricity or water and this GOI for so many years have not taken care of them - but this is coming now - hang on... we love you all....

The Warka Bank in the US Embassy in the green zone is closing - not the whole country of Iraq.

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Gee...this statement sounds just like the way the Federal reserve has set themselves up in the US....

Print it to the US...charge interest...fleece the general population...

"THE GOI does not own the Iraqi currency - the CBI does - they BUY it from the CBI when they need it - CBI makes money off the GOI. CBI will never loose a penny from their reserve..."

Doesn't surprise me, concidering Iraq has been looking to the US for guidance and help on formulating a democratic style monetary system.....

so sad.

The best things in life RV

:) yak

Read more:

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Gee...this statement sounds just like the way the Federal reserve has set themselves up in the US....

Print it to the US...charge interest...fleece the general population...

"THE GOI does not own the Iraqi currency - the CBI does - they BUY it from the CBI when they need it - CBI makes money off the GOI. CBI will never loose a penny from their reserve..."

Doesn't surprise me, concidering Iraq has been looking to the US for guidance and help on formulating a democratic style monetary system.....

so sad.

The best things in life RV

:) yak

Read more:

You said it......couldn;t agree more!

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SIGH, Frank ounce again I hate to PISS on your ranting parade but the GOI as of 4-1-11 is not seated. Unless your proposing it is a big secret, I suspect "Your Pilot" is laughing his Butt off right about now. IMF report is not in your favor either my friend, you really should take a look at it. FYI shabbs claims to have inflation under control as well..........soooo please try to come back with some useful and Truthful NEWS. Peace.

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