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is DD down?


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I received an email from him, part of a mass email, he is aware of the problem and trying to get it fixed.

Note: It wouldn't let me post this with the website names. That is why there are asterisks. (You have entered a link to a website that the administrator does not allow links to)


From: dont promote other

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 10:17:48 -0400

Subject: another site: For some... another site's Tidbits is DOWN (Blank Page)


I am sending this out to let you all know we are yet again experiencing difficulties with the website, another site's Tidbits, found at www.********.com.

Here's my update:

1) I have NO CLUE what is wrong, as I am able to access the site, and see it just fine, but I am unable to make posts on it right now.

2) Many have emailed me letting me know all they see is a blank page.

3) My server/site technical admin is in route from Europe to the US today, so is mostly unavailable today. Scott, my other technical admin is working with me to assist all he can, but isn't as versed my other guy, so I have no estimated time-frame to get this done today.

4) I'm unsure just how many can or can't access the site.

Because of the above, here's what I'm doing to ensure you all are updated today:

1) I will send out a list of posts every few hours directly to your email today through this service.

2) I am able to make posts to the Dashboard through the administrator's panel, so I'll continue to do that. If you have NOT downloaded this FREE SERVICE and desktop application of mine, I'd highly recommend it. You can register for and download it by CLICKING HERE.

3) Until you can access another site's Tidbits, I'd suggest you frequent another site's Chat at http://www.*********.com. This is always my alternate site when http://www.*************.com goes down. If you aren't a member there, you'll need to register over there, then confirm your registration through the email you sign up with before you can go back and log into the site.

4) If anything major were to happen, I'll be sending out an SMS Text Message as well. You can sign up for, or read more about the service and subscription options HERE.

5) Hang in there! We'll get this resolved. Between the sheer volume of visitors, and the lack of technical assistance I'm temporarily experiencing, I'm a bit overwhelmed, but we'll get through this together. This IS the very reason I offer what I do, and why I've created what I have to ensure I have ways to protect you all from complete isolation from me and what I offer. You're not alone, and I will continue to update you.

I wish you a wonderful day, and please know I'm right here. We'll get this resolved as soon as we can.

Go Dinar!

another site

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