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  1. Thanks for this Tiff...their passing will definitely NOT be in vain!
  2. Thanks acceb75 and RodandStaff for the great posts on that article!
  3. thanks for the great post!
  4. This is a rehashed came out last year at this same time...more old info with current dates to confuse us...THIS IS A GOOD SIGN! Look for more old articles with current dates to throw us off...The RV is happening folks!!!
  5. Let me keep this short and obviously don't know WTF you're talking about!
  6. Thanks for posting this fantastic info from Scooter, Mr Rich!! C'mon RV!!
  7. Thanks for posting TexasGranny and for Scooter's chat...good stuff!
  8. Thank you for sharing and posting linny! Looks like a lot of us missed this the first time around...excellent job of researching!
  9. Lou (everoptimistic), Below is the info that is on Warka's site...noticed that the swift code (address) for Citibank is "CITIUS33". Now, here is the location for that Swift code: Citibank NA, 111 Wall Street, New York, NY (Link: ) after doing a search on yahoo. Also noticed the ABA # (Fed Wire) is also the same for this branch. Another search after getting the address, brought up the phone # for this branch (212) 495-7277. (Link: ). I hope you get the answers you need and I hop
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