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New factories


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If they build these their economy will sky rocket. Big pharma is huge buisness. If they do it like the Greeks.... huge factories, cheap labour and they pretty much expore anything that makes money. They don't keep really effective drugs for their own people , especially mental health medications. Just out side  Athens Airport there is an enormous Lilly factory  But a pharmacist I once spoke to in Greece said they don't keep the meds for their own folks. He said it is considered too expensive... even although they are making the drugs in country

PM's Advisor announces a plan to establish 44 new pharmaceutical factories

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Advisor to the Prime Minister for Industry Affairs, Private Sector Development and Pharmaceutical Industries, Hamoudi Al-Lami, announced today, Friday, a plan to establish 44 new pharmaceutical factories throughout Iraq, and while he confirmed that the Iraqi pharmaceutical factories achieved a breakthrough by registering 286 important new products, he stressed Producing local medicines with high therapeutic efficacy, especially for blood pressure and diabetes.

Al-Lami said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The number of pharmaceutical factories operating in Iraq is 23 factories, as two factories were rehabilitated during the recent period, and they entered service again after being granted a license by the Technical Affairs Department in the Ministry of Health.”.

He added, “There are 44 requests to establish a new pharmaceutical laboratory distributed in various governorates, and the largest share is in the capital, Baghdad,” noting that “25 factories are scheduled to be established in Baghdad, where procedures have been initiated, and the remaining laboratories are distributed in different governorates.” There are two laboratories in each of the governorates of Kirkuk, Erbil, Basra, and Holy Karbala, 6 laboratories in Anbar, and one laboratory in a number of governorates.

He explained, "The step of establishing new pharmaceutical factories in Iraq indicates the success of the drug localization program. All the positive results experienced by the pharmaceutical sector are due to the important decisions taken by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani at the beginning of this year, as he provided support to national pharmaceutical factories." And support the national product.

He pointed out, “The establishment of pharmaceutical factories is done by submitting a request to the Ministry of Health through the Technical Affairs Department, and it will receive approval if the required conditions are met. Then the approval of the General Directorate of Industrial Development will be taken, in addition to applying other procedures to begin the construction process,” warning. “The process takes time depending on the financing. Some of it is completed within 24 months, and others are completed within 36 months to complete a pharmaceutical factory.”

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