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Iraqi Kids to get Hope Bus #3..!


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Iraqi Kids to get Hope Bus # 3!


21st July 2022 in Iraq Business News Iraq Education and Training News

A message from the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF):


Dear Friends,

We did it! Our dream of a third "HOPE BUS" for Iraqi orphans and street kids has finally come true! A bus has been donated and donors like you have provided funds to transform it into a colorful, child-friendly place of learning and belonging. This means a 50% increase in capacity of the fleet of life-changing Hope Buses to deliver love and hope to children like little Zena:*


Zena* (8) had special challenges. She was slow, had poor hygiene, and sometimes difficult behavior. Her parents treated her as inferior to her siblings, neglected her care, and beat her. To little Zena's rescue came an aunt who lived alone and took the girl into her home. She cared for Zena and, when the opportunity came, signed her up to attend classes at the Hope Bus! Today, Zena gets love and care at the Hope Bus, fun with the children, and private lessons to help with her behavior and hygiene. Into Zena's dark and violent world, came the beautiful warmth of an aunt's love and the promise of a brighter future as a student on the Hope Bus!


Watch this new video, "Voices from the Hope Bus" and listen to boys and girls like Zena who have already had a chance at the protection, nurture and empowerment the Hope Buses deliver.


Then, please help us recruit family and friends to build up our Hope Bus Scholarship fund. Every new monthly gift - from $10 a month to $200 a month - earns an extra free month of support for the Hope Bus kids!  Reminder: this Wednesday, July 20, is BONUS DAY on Global Giving. Want to maximize your impact with Bonus Day matching? Give here, or reply to this email and we will send you a reminder to give on Wednesday.


On behalf of the 570 children whose lives have been touched by the Hope Buses, we say "shukran" - thank you - from the bottom of our hearts.


The ICF Team


*Name changed to protect child's privacy.

(Source: ICF)



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