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Ronscarpa is RIGHT


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Although he may be a little optimistic !

When the CBI devalued the dinar the new rate should have been  about 1600. But the MOF/CBI realized that would be too harsh. So they made an assumption   that oil prices would recover and something would result in more employment. Neither happened and all the while the population has increased. 

So the budget will start off in no better shape than it was in 2021.

The obvious choice would be another devaluation.  But a new PM and MOF may not do it! They may choose to default or seek new loans. That would not be good.

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at the 1190 rate the CBI would be in DEFAULT within A YEAR IS WHAT Alawi was saying . In default the CBI no longer controls the rate , Then the GOI has no control over the sources for the budget,  

YOU dont want that . 

Alawi is trying to prepare the next government . In spite of a year of slightly better oil income the finances are weak.

The CBI web site is not clear about what the actual reserves are, but it is clear that the amount of IQD  have increased.

When he was appointed Kazimi said it woud be for only one term. He may be asked to say on but that would be at his option and he may demand more control to do so.

If the current rate doesnt keep the CBI on the BLACK they will have to devalue again.  



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