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Friday Midnight Opinions - CDT - 7/09/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs:RON 




*** Frank26  These currencies that are in the [currency] basket will not be pegged to each other...but they will support each other via their strength, via their assets, via their economy.  That's powerful.  That's more powerful than any pegging can do...the IQD will be on par with the value of the total basket...the plan is to float the currency in a basket at some point but not at the onset.  Therefore you have to know when to hold'em (your dinars) and you have to know why you want to exchange them.

*** Pimpy  Article: "Moody's International expects a sharp upward reversal in the financial sector in Iraq - urgent"   Good.  This is what we want...their economical output has been analyzed as a sharp uptick.  Which is good for Iraq.  So the outlook looks good.  I think so too.  They aren't so dependent right now on oil but it sure as hell is helping.  If they plan on doubling production in this year I'd like to see it go to $100 a barrel.  That's really going to help get their butt out of hock.
                     *********** Thursday - 7/08/2021 ***********

7-8-2021 *** Mnt Goat Article: "MAZHAR SALEH CALLS FOR THE (SOCIAL MARKET) FOR A DIVERSIFIED ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND CONFIRMS THE END OF THE FISCAL DEFICIT PHASEQuote: "that the deficit, which was estimated at 29 trillion dinars, or about two billion dollars, in the current year’s budget, which was built on the assumption that the price of a barrel of oil is $ 45 has become a thing of the past,"  Like I said many time already that Iraq is in trouble if they don’t get it right this time. There will NOT be another chance to fix it. This article is yet more proof of this.

7-8-2021 *** Pimpy  Somebody said to me, 'Hey Pimpy did the rate change happen?  Did you see the news - something about the rate change?'  I was like what do you mean the rate change happened?  Article: "The Iraqi government decides to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar - urgent". Here's where this seems to be first I was like, 'ok, they did change it.' Until you really read the article...Nothing in that article says that they actually reduced the exchange rate - which is what we want - to reduce the dollar not the dinar.  So the headlines are exactly what we want to actually happen but that's not what the story says... [In the article].

7-8-2021 *** Militiaman  I'm looking forward to seeing if the 2021 budget is exposed to the program rate.  I don't believe it will be A lot of people suggest that it is cut in stone and that's the way it's going to be for a year.   I don't believe in that...because...the amount of money that is going to be made in the country is going to be astronomical ...we're getting ready to explode.  I'm actually very excited...

7-8-2021  *** Frank26  Iraq will either go 1 to 1 internally or they will un-peg from the American dollar and they will float their currency on par with the American dollar...They aren't gonna stop at 1 to 1 They don't want to be a worthless American dollar's worth.  Saudi Arabia what are you worth against the American dollar 3 what!?!  Geez Louise!  You think Iraq's gonna stand for that? they will either be 1 to 1 and stay like that - I doubt it.  They'll un-peg more than likely, go on par with their assets backing up their currency, take it out to a float...
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1 hour ago, Fimum said:

Ghetto speak becomes more prevalent with each passing year. I cannot understand why youth want to emulate the poorest segment of society; a segment that has been totally devastated by the welfare state mentality.

It's that confounded thumpity thump stuff they consider music and doing crazy things with their hair. I think it has damaged their brain. 

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