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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Digital Health Passport Apps based on Blockchain Technology!


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I'm posting this here because I'm just not sure where it belongs.  LOL!


So there are a lot of conversations being had recently about proof of vaccination, digital health passports, etc.  Israel has already implemented this nationwide or soon will be as the 1st country to do so.  Other countries are experimenting with it as well.  The following article explains a little more detail about phone apps. 


I already have reservations about where this is all leading.  I believe it's one more step in getting global populace acceptance of Blockchain technology leading to acceptance of digital currency as a global or "one world" currency, as well as getting people used to the idea of having digital "markings" which can be tracked anywhere for everything by whatever gov't institution can justify their reasons for it.


"The ICC AOKPass and IATA TravelPass use blockchain technology. This has advantages because there is no central database that could be hacked to access personal information, and it also means the app providers do not collect personal and medical data."

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Who ever sets this up is going to have a back door they can access and get all the information they want. 

They will never let an opportunity like this slip through their fingers. 

It also means it is hackable. No hacker worth their salt will ignore it and not try.

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While the blockchain may not be hackable, the only way to utilize the info stored is in a type of wallet with an address.  In order to allow others the necessary information, that wallet address must be shared.  It has to be made accessible in some way.  Then there's the whole, "I lost my wallet info!", which means that the info is now unrecoverable...assuming it works the same as tokens.


Granted, it's better, safer and less trackable and hackable than what we currently have!

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