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10 hours ago, divemaster5734 said:


May seem odd that when I was in grade school I was told there were explosive charges designed and installed in and around the concrete encased steel structural supports in the basement of each of these World Trade Center Towers when they were being built. The reason was when the World Trade Center Towers reached the end of their commercial life, each of the Towers could collapse on themselves when the charges were detonated for optimal floor by floor from the bottom up for removal and replacement on that piece of real estate.


Reason being is the Chrysler Tower was not built that way and would be way more involved to demolish and rebuild in the same place.


My opinion is the codes were issued to detonate these Towers to prevent the intense fires from causing the steel structural from bending and compromising the overall structural integrity and, potentially, leaning over and collapsing laterally causing even more loss of life. 


This by no means devalues the lives that were lost for very corrupt and inhumane reasons.

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