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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Selling 21 million IQD uncirc.


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I'm selling half of my stash. Need money for finishing building of my house.


21.000.000 uncirc. @ 850 per million USD.


I'm located in the Netherlands (Europe). But I have a good friend in the States, which I can send my IQD to, if needed. He's located in the city of San Francisco - in the case you want a physical deal. I can also send you the money though Fedex, USPS, UPS, DHL.... with ofcourse shipping insurance.


Let me know if you're interested.

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9 hours ago, DinarAvatar said:

Just bought 2 mil

You did, DinarAvatar. I have just contacted you on your Paypal e-mail address.

19 million left (one deal for 4 million pending) so probably 15 left.


colts469, I won't go below $800/million for a couple of million, but If you're willing to buy everything I have left, we may find each other on middle ground.

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13 hours ago, DinarAvatar said:

I did not get your email.

Please check your SPAM folder, i've send it twice now, from 2 different e-mail addresses of mine. I've used your e-mail address where you made the Paypal payment from. Is that correct? Can I name the e-mail address here?

This is what I have sent you:




Hello Pierce,


Thank you for your business.


Can you let me know to which address I may send the 2 million IQD in uncirculated 25k notes?


I will provide you with the Track & Trace code when I have send it.


With regards,

Sander Schippers


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17 hours ago, new york kevin said:

How do we go about purchasing 1 million for $800 via paypal ? What about shipping, 1 or 2 day mail?


Hello Kevin,


You wire the money to my Paypal account, and I send you the dinars. Just provide me with your address in the states. Paypal is a safe method for the buyer, since you can make a Claim when you do not receive the promised goods, and Paypal will wire your money back after they check the Case.


2 days delivery will be impossible, since I will be sending from the Netherlands in Europe. Delivery shouldn't take more than 9 business days. And you will get a Tracking number.

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I didn't see the email but I seriously need to clean out my inbox.  I just emailed you.  You can reply to that if you need me.


                                                                   thank you,


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