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Left Wing Radicals Call for Violence at Trump’s Inauguration

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LEFTIST FREAKS OPENLY CALL For Non-Peaceful Inauguration Actions:
“We Are Not In Favor Of A Peaceful Transition Of Power…After The Election,
You Saw This Great Spontaneous Upsurge In Spontaneous Anger In The Streets"

These radicals are openly calling for non-peaceful actions to be taken on the day
of Trump’s inauguration. So why is there a room packed with “media” to discuss
their motives and their plans? Why is the “press” so enthusiastic about giving
them a voice? If I didn’t know better, I’d think the media was acting as a recruiting
tool for these anarchists. But that couldn’t be true…could it?

My question:

Do you respect us 75 000 000 people voted Trump for our next president
same way we respect you voted Barack Obama 8 years ago. What a nation.......?!?!


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Yes, HUFFY --- even one of their ignorant leaders - Rosie O'Donnel , a real kommie tool - has posted that they

should rise up and fight so ho'bummer can declare Marshall Law before Trump can take The Oath, thus retaining

power for their evil ilk


Judge Jeanine Pirot did her opening dialogue last night about this.... and boy did she tear Rosie a new rosie hole !


Now last we checked, wasn't calling for violent action against The United States cause for arrest and trial for these TRAITORS...?


Yup... the '5th column' --- calling for an uprising here....

Time to clean house, America......

Round 'em up... try 'em.... hang 'em<_<






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You right , CAT ! They ARE terrorists, SNOWCAT, for real ! 

But the terrorist-loving ho'bummer administration refuses to take action against terrorists, remember?


Every time our HONEST agents nab 'em, ho'bummer's DOJ makes US let 'em go ! 


Then they go off on US and slaughter US  and the bogus prez and his doj act all surprised, fake-sad and amazed...!  <_<


ho'bummer  sanitizes the laws & literature of Law Enforcement & our Military to make it impossible to qualify them as terrorists !

Look how the San Bernardino terrorists could BOTH have been stopped had it not been for ho'bummer's stifling of their vetting !


Face it -- ho'bummer wants as many of US dead as possible.

Hence his illegal importation of THOUSANDS of terrorists before he leaves office.


And his encouragement of these little indoctrinated morons he calls his & KILLary's "voting base"

to act up and out against US.....




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obuttnut is NOT out....

Out of The Oval Office, yes... but not out of his job as tool-for-evil against The United States.


Already we see the forming of his D.C. 'Think Tank' to continue their take-down of US....

The cast of demonic characters , including faceBooger's Mark SUCKERberg and his billions,

 MSM elites, Mr & Mrs Microsoft & their billions , Mark Kuban and his posse of haters, former butt-kissers

who will lose their jobs in our Intelligence arena because they were in the tank for him and NOT working for US,

radicalized hate groups, gorged soros and his demon-seed son & their billions, et al are all on board.


PREPARE for the onslaught of terror he and his evil minions are getting ready to unleash on US...

now that he's NOT in The Oval Office, it'll be harder for US to keep an eye on his brand of pervasive evil !

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