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Iraqi Deputy talking about rising bread prices and warns of the "revolution of the hungry"

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Twilight News / Iraqi Deputy said Friday that the owners of furnaces are threatening to raise prices Alsamun, threatening half the Iraqi people with starvation due to lack of flour import.


The MP Zeinab Arif Basri said in a statement that "the bakery ovens and owners are threatening to close them or Alsamun and raise the price of bread as a result of lifting wholesalers in the beautiful market prices for flour of good quality, and the deterioration of the quality of the recipient of the Ministry of Commerce of flour."


She added that the optical "a loaf of bread a red line represents a living being of the Iraqi people, which is half the level or below the poverty line."


Visual and stressed that "the high price of a loaf of bread or Alsamun will be the spark for the start of the first revolution of the hungry against the government which does not care about the living of the difficulties which directs the majority of Iraqis."


And it demanded the government to "support Asaraltahin and develop a mechanism for distribution to bakeries and ovens to avoid the exploitation of greedy traders who are not their only profit by any means, in light of the high price of flour and the exploitation of the economic conditions experienced by Iraq."


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I don't understand what Arif Basri is thinking, or Abadi for that matter . Raise the price of flour and also provide them with a lower quality flour to make the basic staple of bread? Also starting to implement the tariffs on imported goods in order to support Iraqi farmers and flour makers. How do you spell inflation or hyper inflation in Iraqi? Hasn't Abadi and the GOI already experienced enough citizenry unrest ? I hope for Abadi's sake that this is Iraqi grain and Iraqi flour that is being made and sold in Iraq ? Plus, that the GOI is manipulating this issue in order to support Iraqi businesses, as he has been saying he would do all along. Raise the quality of the flour via standards and grades goi!

Increasing the cost of basic food staples, applying tariffs on imported goods "in order to support Iraqi businesses", having to implement taxes to bridge the budget gaps; I really hope that if he does not want his troops, and the people in general, to revolt on him he had better get back on wise decision making ASAP . I really hope that Abadi's plan is to RV the IQD really, really, really soon, in order to offset these challenges! JMHO.

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