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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Small Denoms


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How can we get our hands on some.

I would buy 1M Dinar right now in 50's if I knew how.

Even though I have finally swallowed the "NO LOP" pill, it would be a little insurance :D

eBay is your friend on this one. Expect to pay a whole lot more though. 300 dollars for 50K I think is what I bought mine at last year. The lower notes are in higher demand and much harder to get

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I BOUGHT A BRICK OF THE 50s, 250s AND 500s.. 50s WERE ABOUT $100 FOR 1000 NOTES

Blogo69, Where can you buy 1,000 notes of the 50 dinar for around $100.00? SCGS gets $39.88 for a bundle of 100 notes, which would be $398.80 for 1,000 notes. I would like to get 1,000 notes of the 50 dinar for around $100.00. Please share the info on where to get them for that price. Thanks

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