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  1. Mr Newbie read the info. They are selling USD and taking in IQD. How does that make you feel??
  2. Vietnam has manufacturing and with low Exchange rate, they are taking business from China! Vietnam will RV for other reasons.
  3. muydinar


    Yes, and if my aunt had balls she'd by my uncle!
  4. Order money for exchanging your IQD? A bank doesn't need to order money to post it to your account.
  5. BS, both posts regarding this are from newbies. This all crap!!
  6. nope. Decimal will move. If they lop 3 zeros, three zeros will be removed from your balance.
  7. muydinar

    Cessie Rumor

    maybe 8.29 IQD to 1 usd. That's believable.
  8. The first Monday after Tiger Woods next pga victory.
  9. Im assuming if at all true, it'd be 6.02 IQD = 1 usd.
  10. Certificate of live birth is not same as birth certificate signed by the doctor that gave birth. The one showing above doesn't count. Here's a link to a good article cover the whole renewed controversy and Obama is screwed when everything is verified.
  11. They are buying IQD and other foreign currencies. They aren't selling IQD.
  12. That's BS and taken out of context. I saw the interviews. Washington Post is not sharingg his full statements.
  13. muydinar

    RV News

    Whats a "rumour", so many new words I need to learn.....
  14. what does excepted men? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I even looked it up in the dictionary. Hmmm
  15. If they lop 3 zeros, your 50 becomes .050 IQD. Common sense goes a long way in this investment! Regardless, they can't and won't lop!
  16. Speculation based on common sense.
  17. Pigs get FAT, hogs get slaughtered is the correct phrase........just saying...
  18. Iqd is already recognized and traded, just not on the forex sites. WTO is key.
  19. Dont believe anyone that uses the word "Intel", period!!!
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