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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

It is to order the owners of the most prominent "Ghulam" Money transfer companies and funds deposited to their account


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Posted by: editor in political 09/19/2015 0 3 visit


Newspaper track / Agencies: A book of the Central Bank of Iraq, the end of the year 2013, including a decision to book movable and immovable property for the owners of companies converting Mali and customers of banks, most notably "Mohammed Ghulam" as well as others placed to their account, but it has not yet been implemented.


According to the book, published by the Department of Legal Affairs of the Central Bank, and addressed to all licensed banks, that a decision to order the money was based on the book of the Supreme Judicial Council presidency to resume Baghdad / Rasafa the Federal Court and the Court of achieving the second Rusafa and the Office of the judicial investigation of economic crime No. 425, dated 19 -12-2013.


And below companies as presented by the book's central bank: 


1. David Ali Mahmoud al-Jubouri / Managing Director of the company prairie Arab trade. 


2. Raed Mohammed and Ghulam Mohammed Ghulam Hassan owners dew financial company for the conversion. 


3. Harith company financial convertible Commissioner Shaker Mahmoud Eyal and CEO. 


4. Two Rivers / main branch bank customers who deposit to the account of the accused Ghulam Mohammed They both (Hussein Abdul Hassan Rahi and Muhannad Abdul Rahim Ghalib and Mohammed Hamdan and Ali Ghaleb Abdul Razzaq Farhan). 


5. dew company financial convertible Commissioner Accessories Muhanna charity and its director Abbas. 


6. Firas Hashem Naim. 


7. jewel Dana convertible financial company. 


8. Zaid Adnan Abdul-Zahra and his money, which is filed on behalf of Mohammed Gholam



9. Super Saad Mohammed, who has transferred 600 million to account Ghulam Mohammed. 


10. Ahmed Abbas Fadhil, a customer North Bank, which converts the money for the benefit of prairie company and future prospects. 


11. UAE's prospects for the future, which is money to it from the prairies company conversion.


According to informed sources (Sumer News), to "parking in front of influential bodies such as the non-application of this important resolution," likely to "those entities linked to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie."


It has already been informed source revealed, for (Sumer News), for the delivery of five community banks files, and about 313 names of politicians and business leaders to justice and the Integrity Commission on charges of corruption, embezzlement and theft of public money.


Sources indicate that the most prominent names that handed over their files to the Integrity Commission and the judiciary, they (Fadel Al Dabbas and Haitham Al Dabbas real and imaginary) and their companies, (Hamad al-Moussawi involved fake projects and false invoices), (the boy and his sister Middle East Bank money and false invoices washing), (Wahab Tabra cousin Aseel Tabra), (Hamid Al-Najjar), (Tarek al-Hassan), (Deputy Prime Minister article Bahaa al), (Issam al-Asadi and Haider Essam al-Asadi), (Judge Jafar Mohsen al-Khazraji, along with five judges), (son of former Prime Minister Ahmed Nuri al-Maliki official Green Real Estate and his gang saw Abu Kadhim more), (Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi), (former Education Minister Mohammad Tamim), (inspector of the Ministry of Health Adel Muhsin former) as well as others will be named soon.

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Good Lord!  its a wonder anything ever got done.  anybody and everybody in any sort of powerful position was stealing all of the resources.  Thank God for Abadi.  Without this man and his reformation agenda, I wholeheartedly believe we would have never seen any profitable outcome to our investment and/or speculation.  

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