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CBI Securities Auctions - Announcement Number (C144 ) 1-SEPT-2015


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CBI Auctions

The Central Bank of Iraq issues CBI bills and has adopted a mechanism that will be applied periodically. The results will be announced at 11 am after the closing time of the auction which is at 10 am.

Announcement Number (C144 )1-9-2015

The auction No. C144 for Central Bank of Iraq bills based on a uniform price auction for IQD 200,000,000,000.000 par value for the bills concluded on 1-9-2015.

The total public bidding is IQD 266,960,000,000.000 and the cut-off yield (the highest yield of the successful bidder) determined by the auction was 4.50%.


Securities Offered ------------------------------------- Discount
Total Offering ----------------------------------------- 200,000,000,000.000
Total Public Bidding ---------------------------------- 266,960,000,000.000
Pricing -------------------------------------------------- Multiple
Term of Security (days) ------------------------------ 91
Settlement Date -------------------------------------- 2-9-2015
Maturity Date ----------------------------------------- 2-12-2015
Competitive Bidders --------------------------------- 5
Winning Bidder --------------------------------------- 5
Total Valid Competitive Bids ----------------------- 266,960,000,000.000
Total competitive Bids Awarded ------------------- 200,020,000,000.000
Range of Yields for Valid Competitive Bids ------ [2.50%-4.60%]
Cutoff Yield (%) ------------------------------------- 4.50
Average Competitive Yield ------------------------- 3.69
Bids Received as % of Amount Offered ---------- 133.48

Although this special Auction was conducted on 1 September it was just posted today, 6 September...!  :tiphat: 

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Here's the post by YOTA announcing the Public Auction:





  • The central bank acknowledged on 01/09/2015 conduct a public auction auction (C144) for the sale of the bank for their remittances (91) days   

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