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American Way: The clock is running down fast for the fourth-quarter president


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As he enters the last quarter of his presidency still searching for a legacy, Barack Obama is wrestling with flaws that were visible on the 2008 campaign trail


By Peter Foster, Washington

6:26PM GMT 03 Jan 2015





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If people will simply do due dilligence and learn the facts about the man's actual intent and agenda, they'll know he is literally and clearly against the USA. Looking at him as a misguided but well meaning American is incorrect. Learn about who he actually is and what his political beliefs really are, and there's zero confusion or doubt that he's just a "bad president" It's illegal for him to be in the WH in the first place. There was plenty of opportunity before the last election even for liberals or democrats to learn the facts. And in all reality, if people knew the truth about him and yet voted to keep him another 4 years, those people share a definite anti-American belief system.

I honestly don't care about getting negged here. Because I am speaking provable, documentable truth. It's not my job to dig up all the evidence and prove it to anybody who doubts this. It's your own responsibility. Nobody had to hold my hand and shove proof under my nose. I know that for us to live free, it's up to me.

If you are not for the Bill of Rights, then you will be pleased with this current regime. If you are FOR the Bill of Rights, and you think this guy is also, then you're simply under a deception.

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He has increased our debt exponentially during his terms.

He has abused his executive power.

He has provided other countries the opportunity to see us as a weak nation.

He is not for the people. He has set up a system to go after our money when our debt comes due and we cannot pay.

He is attempting to take away our right to bare arms.

Too many things to list.

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