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Tomorrow .. Kerry is visiting the region, including Iraq

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08-09-2014 10:57 PM



 Head and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tomorrow (Tuesday 9 September / September 2014), to the Middle East on a tour expected to include Iraq in addition to Jordan and Saudi Arabia in order to build an international coalition to confront the fundamentalist Islamic state (Daash) as the State Department announced today (Monday) .


 The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman explained that more than forty countries will participate one way or another in this coalition against the extremists 'Islamic state' who dominated regions in Iraq and Syria.


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now if you guys think daah,isis is there enemy think really think if thats the case he would have go over their to tour whe these guys would do what ever to take him out..basically its well done isis/daah great job for the genocide and cleansing and force the suni,shite,kurds  to come to a final agreement with this GOI...they know our admninstration very what you think is going to happen in november when O grant amnesty to over 5 millions illegal immigrants in the USA..they will have every right as you and more because the also have convert to your eyes

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