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Israel: A Cornered Rat

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Also Shabs this idiot that wrote this article is a clueless moron! He should leave this country and go murder people with the animals he supports. If it was not for the west, muslims would still be squatting in dirt. I travel to the ME, as I have said before, and I see how poor people live. Most people that I work with and come across are good people. I'm not lumping muslims into one radical group, but the extremists that murder men, women, & children in the name of their perverted religion need to be dealt with with the same savagery as they dish out.

I pray in 2016 that we get a president that is an American 1st off and sees the damage this idiot obama has caused in this country and abroad. He has empowered terrorist all over the world to wreak havoc with no repercussions. Sorry to ramble but this hit a nerve.

Right on brother, that is IF we even still have a country in 2016.

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I'm talking about obummer and the politicians in the US & Europe that hate Israel shabs. I guess I should have been clear with that statement. I was not referring to citizens and their political affiliations. I really hope you would give me more credit than that buddy. I'm referring to Europe condemning Israel and standing on the side of terrorist. The US might as well have made the same statement. This is completely cowardly which makes them evil without question.


It's all good, sxsess.  I knew what you meant.....just me busting your chops.  :peace: 


GO RV, and NO BV

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