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Barack Obama's Park Service OKs Amnesty Rally

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Insane: Barack Obama's Park Service OKs Amnesty Rally on Shut Down Capitol Hill
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Kyle Becker | On 07, Oct 2013

barrycade-tpc.jpgThe Obama administration will allow “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” to community organize on federal property, despite the 13% government shutdownThe Washington Examiner confirmed the report with Susana Flores, who is leading the rally Tuesday.

About 30 members of Congress are expected to attend, including Democrats like Nancy Pelosiand Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey. It is unclear if the shamnesty twins Senator McCain and Lyndsey Graham are scheduled to attend.

At the very least, the GOP should point out the inexcusable hypocrisy of allowing radical groups to organize for future Democrat voters on federal land, while “Barrycading” and turning away veterans and citizens from self-funded, privately owned and charity-run National Parks.

Our extremely divisive President apparently has a problem with nonagenarian WW2 veterans who risked their lives to defeat Nazism and the Japanese visiting their privately funded, 24-hour, open air National Memorial, but his Park Service will rubber stamp an amnesty rally for illegal immigrants on the National Mall. This is going beyond cray-cray.

Just to recap, this is bad:


And this is good (Photoshopped or not, you get the point):


Like Senator Rand Paul pointed out, the National Park Service rangers are acting like the personal “goons” of our extremely divisive president, who could be golfing at Andrews Air Force base or taking his ten-speed around the open-for-Democrats Lincoln Park as we speak.

Speaking of which, here’s a (pseudo-realistic) snapshot of Barry at the 2 Million Bikers to DCrally (which was denied a permit, while the Million Muslim March, 9/11 Truther rally was given a permit):

obamasturgis1.jpgPetty Tirade: Selective Shutdowns at 12 National Parks Across America


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And this maggot and the rest of his ilk dare to threaten the disabled veterans with having their benefits cut off?   How dare they.   I was going to make further statements then I remembered how all these sites are now highly monitored.  At one time in America we did not have to censur what we said due to Constitutional rights.  Now we have to be careful what we say in the written media as well over the phone because we are being watched.  Where has our country gone? 

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