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Mystery surrounds Talabani's health for the benefit of Hero Khan family

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Mystery surrounds Talabani's health for the benefit of Hero Khan family
Created on Monday, August 19 / August 2013 12:10 | Print|E-mail

BAGHDAD / Mohammed supporter

Said independent MP Hassan Alawi said that the wife of President Talabani prevented everyone to see the president's health does not allow one to make sure of the truth and that the interests of the family until it became broken and the state presidency and handicapped parliament متشظ.



The upper explained that the Presidency broken, noting that it was supposed If you missed The Vice President Abdul-Mahdi, but he resigned he left it for Khazaee who is the owner of thought similar to the thought of power. The top reason Scott Kurds to freeze the position of a sovereign them in state and federal heavily presidency is (mosses) between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the non-interference of Massoud fact that the position of the EU share.



He added that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is not Avadz on the nomination of an alternative Talabani, but because of the power and control of the wife of the president of the party that prevented anyone from going into the subject, explaining that the Hero Talabani prevented any one check on the health of Talabani and find out the truth in order to preserve the interests of the family and will remain the situation on what it.


He pointed out that Parliament Mchez and Kurdish bloc is committed to silence its part, the fact that it and the State of law to are you talking the beneficiary because it opportunistic and Iraqi forces killed her and what is happening only the Liberals and some independents.



For his part, the Kurdistan Alliance, he did not know anything about the president's health and there is no have any intention to nominate a replacement. He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman said the Kurds does not have any decision yet to nominate a person for alternative Talabani did not open the biography of the subject. He pointed out that no one knows anything about the time of the return of Talabani and his health than doctors. Indicating that the Kurds are paying to keep the position vacant until the end of the current session.



To the Parliamentary Legal Committee said that the status of the president in this regard abortion him for lack of a final medical report on his health. A member of the Prince Kanani that is supposed to write the Presidency and the prime minister to the Federal Court for the time limit for the survival of the president is sick and the vacuum created by what the legal procedures so special, stressing that Parliament is unable to change Talabani because the president came as the distribution of positions on the blocks Political and share this position is willing to block the status quo.



The President of the Republic was exposed about 9 months ago to a sudden stroke awareness has on the track and was taken to Germany for medical treatment and lost on the track information about the president's health. A doctor announced yesterday Talabani for the president's health improved and he could talk to swap around him.

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Top National Union called for Talabani's family and "reassure people that the health condition of the President 2013-08-22



Called independent MP Hassan Alawi Kurdish President Jalal Talabani to the family: "responding to claims and reassure the people and inform them of the truth of the situation".


He said in a statement received agency Secrets Newsletter/pin/"copy" to the Iraqi and Arabic media, particularly Al-baghdadia satellite channel reported several questions about the health of the President, reflecting the General questions concern the Iraqi Street, in view of the numerous letters and calls and meetings that directed us to the same questions of intimacy and militant and intellectual history and common convictions and I share with the President for more than 40 years, I have found from my profile as a friend and a brother and as a politician and Deputy National adoption answer These questions after that cut off any information that could reassure the Iraqi people about the health of the President, and of national and international importance ".



"Top:" Jalal Talabani did not one day a name can be obfuscated and his presence even when he was still a student at the Faculty of law and army officer and a member of the Bar Association and the press of high style, how can anyone imagine that name absent on an unknown world and is holding the position of Supreme National Summit of the Iraqi State, then this is not sufficient to carry a bit of diet and meet and devotion to this man and the orphan to ask about the fate of Patron and guardian of constitutional? , And you will be closest to the values and ethics of struggle and social meanings to ignore the question of the situation of the man of this size and these meanings? ".



"I think the political and social history does not allow me to be a part of the dubious silence system surrounding the life and fate of great stature as Jalal Talabani and put his life on account of transactions and utilities to be more and more of the personal development benefits from this absence, and even longer to maximize benefits, especially affecting parties referred to and which of the war on the Iraqi people's awareness and understanding of the varied nature of these benefits and the size of its benefits".



"So this time I didn't find what convinced me is why the long silence of the Kurdistan Alliance to leave the Presidency ratified on the political understandings as the share entitlement for the Kurdish people throughout this period, vacant, unless special gains resulting from this top ranking of national interests and national to the Iraqi people and the Kurdish people."



The top "so I invite sincere and direct language of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the President in particular that one cannot outbids the size concern and keenness on the safety of the French President, to respond to the sincere and shift people's claims of special concern to national, as Jalal Talabani longer since the first post responsibility duties deriving therefrom in the State once the husband or father of the family, but became a leading position by the father responsible for the Iraqi people , And the Iraqi State is the right to know its conditions. "



Seal top by saying: "I must here refer to the failure of the Council of Ministers and deputies gathered in this great loss and fraud obviously they wield against the Iraqi people and the Iraqi State in the absence of the President of the Division, which has seen unprecedented political history ever seen in any State, but if the goal is to disable and uninstall the preliminaries remaining entity of this State , That all of them will prepare partners indicated in deceiving and misleading the public by neglecting to provide such information, are routine business in the world. "

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