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Iraq not 100% out of Ch7 according to Reuters 17minutes ago

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I don't care what Reuters says; I heard it with my own ears, and saw it with my own eyes. Watched all 20 mins of the meeting. They are out of VII, moved anything else remaining to VI. WM13

Dis we not just watch Live, the man said chapter 7 a thing of the past, vote 15- 0 and now under Chapter 6

The main reason this is important is money, IRAQ now gets all thier frozens funds back.  Transfer of wealth back to the citizens of IRAQ, and hopefully back to US.  Follow the money.  That is what thi


Here is what I got of value out of the Reuters statement:


The Security Council resolution recognized "the importance of Iraq achieving international standing equal to that which it held prior to (1990)." U.S.-led troops drove Iraq out of Kuwait in the 1991 Gulf War.

Now, what was the Dinar value prior to 1990???????


Dinar value prior to 1990 was $3.20 to one dinar

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this arms sanctions still exist.  thank goodness because maliki is already off to russia.   already trying to spend the folks money. 


The only issues linked to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait that remain under Chapter 7 are an arms embargo and Baghdad's payment of $52 billion in compensation to Kuwait, diplomats say. Iraq still owes $11 billion and has said it expects to pay by 2015.

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My Mother- In -Law just told me to stop PPPP my Pants because when they tell you about it then you will be Happy....I just checked my Warka Account and it still remains the same.....God Bless. Go R V..

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Still, we have no idea what will happen now.  One thing I've read is Iraq does not have to RI/RV since they are a sovereign nation.  Also, one thing I have to call out on some of the gurus is the dong did not RV.  In fact, it devalued further.  So much for the global reset crap I've seen on a number of dinar blogs (I have not seen them here).  TerryK spouting all spring about how the dong was going to revalue to .47 was about as wrong as anyone could ever get.  Sorry, needed to vent a little:-)  Now to wait and see what happens to the dinar.

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