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House set next Tuesday as a date for the vote on the federal budget


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Voice on the mandate of the three presidencies and the formation of a committee to investigate the events of Fallujah

House set next Tuesday as a date for the vote on the federal budget

Baghdad / justice - 01/27/2013 - 11:58 |

The House voted in its day yesterday on the proposed law on determining the duration of the President of the Republic and Chairman of the Board of Representatives and the President of the Council of Ministers in addition to the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the unfortunate events that took place in the city of Fallujah.

On the other hand, the Council voted on a resolution of the Presidium of the Council of Representatives to form a parliamentary committee of the committees of security, defense and human rights in addition to major blocs of Iraq and the rule of law to direct its investigative in Fallujah and submit a report within 48 hours to take the necessary action against those involved. In a related development called House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to include the vote on the federal budget on the agenda for the meeting next Tuesday. He said in his speech in the meeting that he should be included to vote on the budget on the agenda for the meeting on Tuesday after the Finance Committee parliamentary final report of the budget of Finance. At interventions Representatives MP Mohsen al-Sadoun Finance Committee to consider the proposals and amendments submitted by the Kurdistan region before the vote on the budget. Praised MP Abdul Hussein Abtan to the inclusion of a grant students and retirees within the budget, calling for conversion or reduce operating expenses and luxury for the three presidencies to aspects affecting the interests of citizens. drew MP and Wissal sound to the importance of installation contract employees on permanent staffing and calculating the service for the purposes of promotion and bonus. called MP names Moussawi formation of a technical committee of the House of Representatives to consider the money allocated to the ration card. Meanwhile MP Jawad Albzona need to include budget monitoring funds for desalination plants in Basra to ensure that the real problem of drinking water, mixing heavy water. between MP Riad Ghraib importance of allocating sufficient funds for the development of city ​​of Karbala and service visitors. inquired MP Iqbal Garibawy request to the Finance Committee to double the share of the provinces closed according to Mahromep standard and the proportion of the population. link

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