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  1. And I'm out of this site also....Is this what DV is all about ?? And as of you DOG....Go **** yourself........... Delete my membership here now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Maybe you should change your own attitude !!!! I haven't done and said anything wrong on this post towards any native but bring an article which by the way I laught at, but you as usual get it all screwed up..........What, you don't like it when the truth about some of them leaders are put on the front row ??? Shame on you !!!! I'm out of here Have a great day SnooZ
  3. Shut up Dog..................!!! Tell me where in this post I bashed you or the natives, What attitude are you refering to ??
  4. I absolutely understand the meaning of your words.....Think of having native blood inside no matter how far it is, Their whole culture is something I love also !! Thanks you Maggie :D SnooZ
  5. Just the way you came on doing this post has more merrits than anything you could imagine !!! I say Thank you maggie !!! You are something !!! :) Thank you !! SnooZ
  6. It is run by a so called web snake seller which he stolen money from many internet buyers and a so called MLM and pyramidal freak.... Their Guru names are TNT and Chuck mute Change the u"s for an E and an A in the last name...... SnooZ
  7. There you are Thug !!! Been missing your post lately....Thank you !! :D SnooZ
  8. I was talking lately to an Algonquin chief here (Small reserve) and that is exactly what he as brought up to my attention !!! The community are strugling hard to make them self a living, and been complaining on how corrupted those big well knowed chiefs are, anyway, bare with me, many of those communities have their rights, but when corruption is one of their main issues, that make you go ummmmm !!!???? I guess corruption is not only in Iraq, look around your own backyards !!!! You'll be surprised..... And not changing my mind over that 'Idle no more " still a big joke !!! SnooZ
  9. yes it is !! :lol: And a big party in Vegas "when it revalue" And they even charge people in advance at 25 bucks each for that party that might not come soon, they have been calling it for years...Sooooo giving away 10.000 dinars per each time they make a call is just coins coming from their pocket :lol: People pay 25 dollars for that party and if they change their mind and not attended it, that money "is not refundable" Do you think they have already purchase a Ferrari and a Bentley for that party ? :lol: PTR is a joke, but those smart ass have found a way of getting rich without an rv......Money making machine !!!! SnooZ
  10. Yep, beside, some will pay to be in their hypes year round !!! In other words, they are a big money making machines !!!! Nothing more.... The bunch of baboons at PTR are a good example !!! At 15 bucks mounthly for each member....Minimum 1200 members, that make them 18,000.00 $ per mounts in their pockets, Thats over 200,000.00 $ per year !!!! Not bad huh !! Money making Machines !!!!! SnooZ
  11. Several models of De La Rue counting and identifying machines were made !!! Could be anything......!! Which model was it ?? The're hundreds of them on the market..... SnooZ
  12. Do we need to laugh or cry ??? This is what came out of one of the Ottawa newspaper last week !!!! :lol: Ago now 25 days the head of the Attawapiskat reserve performed "hunger strike" (she eats when even fish broth) in the hope of meeting the Prime Minister Harper. (Editor's Note: Harper has announced that he would meet with Aboriginal leaders.)Theresa Spence is presented as a martyr by the media who swallow everything she says because the journalists have the heart in the right place. That is to the left. In addition, his younger and the Idle No More movement it spawned, fall for the media: it's a quiet period of the year and must still meet the newsletters and the pages of the newspapers.Attawapiskat is the village of third-world of Northern Ontario which made headlines there is a little more than a year because of the appalling living conditions of its inhabitants. The incompetence and negligence of Theresa Spence were directly responsible for the catastrophic situation of the reserve. The hamlet which has some 1500 people in 300 households is administered by 21 Aboriginal politicians: three chiefs and 18 Councillors at full time. It looks like the city of Montreal!Since his election seven years ago, the Harper Government spent unaudited $ 90 million on Attawapiskat, or $50,000 for each man, woman and child. Theresa Spence refuses to disclose what happened to the Canadian taxpayers ' money.The truth is Theresa Spence and his acolytes of the Attawapiskat band Council need a serious weight loss cure. Ezra Levant Sun News has obtained the financial statements of the reserve. They indicate that the lover of Chief Theresa Spence, who is also Manager of the village, is paid $850 per day. In addition to his salary of Mayor Spence operates the daycare centre of the hamlet for a salary of $8,000 per month. The Chief and his "chum" therefore receive their two close to $350,000 per year non-taxable because they are Indians and living on a reserve. The reserve also has a "handling technology" who earns $171,000 a year. Another Member of the band Council has spent $68,000 in travel over a period of two months.Among other disturbing information discovered by Levant, we learn the Attawapiskat band Council has a stock portfolio of $ 9 million. Sell actions sometimes to improve the housing or the health of the inhabitants of the reserve? According to Levant, the Council was liquidated for $200,000 shares for undisclosed gifts, $36,000 for part of the wild goose hunt and $96,000 for the purchase of a new Zamboni to the skating rink of the reserve so that it had already a, but of an older model. Also had to demolish the school of the village because the band Council had it built on a toxic waste site.This is how the band Council spends the money it administers the reserve members live in abject living conditions. Attawapiskat is just one example among hundreds of others across the Canada. Waste and embezzlement of funds occur continuously for many years on the reserves, but successive Canadian Governments are afraid to intervene. They let indigenous criminals, with impunity, divert and steal fortunes.Despite huge amounts to the Indians living on-reserve conditions are worse. Hundreds of thousands of people live in dismal conditions of poverty, physical and moral decay. On them is a class of profiteers who manages the reserves, assisted by a veritable industry of Aboriginal poverty dominated vultures lawyers who advise the leaders on the best way to extort money from the federal Government.Idle no more and the head Spence will succeed in a mass against the Harper Government movement a coalition as the students have done against Charest last spring? Difficult to predict. Despite the media efforts to present the indigenous movement in a favourable way, it is not sure that it will be sufficient to mobilize the silent white majority of the ROC in their favour.The Harper Government is responsible for the current situation in the reserve because he refused to ring the end of recreation for corrupt leaders and force them to be accountable for how they manage the money entrusted Ottawa.The entire system is rotten. Should abolish the reserves and the Indian Act. Making indigenous citizens like the others. But it will never be because too many thieves and pigs benefit. TNX Umbertino !! SnooZ
  13. Garlic is also the best remedy for a plantar wart !!!! Garanty !!! Need to cut a good piece and tape it on the wart for 2 days before replacing for a new piece, the best tape to hold it in place is Duck tape, 3 weeks and you will be wart free !!! Way better than compound W......... !!!! Many TNX Uneek :D SnooZ
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