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Questions For Adam's Chat 1/16/13 !


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Yo Adam ! U Mentioned 2 Weeks Ago That There Were Going To Be Some Upcoming Changes To The Site ! :o

I Have A Couple Of Suggestions For U (Or Anybody Else) To Shoot Down, Modify, Or Consider ...

The 2 Sections With The Most Volatility (New Threads Added) Are Off Topics And News.

If A Separate 'Political' Off Topics Section Were Created It Would Allow More Threads To Remain On The First Page Longer For People To See Them.

Similarly The Iraqi News Section Could Be Split Into A (New) Parliament Only Section -

And Then U Could Just Leave Everything Else (Economic, Business, UN, CBI, Outside Nations, Violence, Etc ...).

This Morning In The News Section (Not Including Pinned Topics) I Counted 14 Parliament Threads And 16 (Everything Else) Threads On The First Page.

Thx For The Great Site ! ;)



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Hi Adam, thanks yet again for the great site!! My question is.....On the United Nations website I had read that the UN Security Council meets twice a year, in mid June and mid December to vote on matters such as Iraq's CH. VII status, how likely that any significant action takes place before then?? After Moon stated in Dec that Iraq was "on the right track", I think things are promising, but not until then....Your thoughts??

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Adam, i agree with our darling thuggy and dear silus' sugestions. I read on another site (not one of the usual ones) that it has recently been confirmed that the dinar will R. V. In the first quarter of this year . Have you heard anything along these lines? Oh and if you haven't seen my crystal thread please read. Just wondering.......if i get it right do i become the official D. V. Guru!??? ;)/> :D/> :P/>

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Same questions as last time: Ok a few more questions, is Talabani dead or alive as I have seen several reports conflicting each other. Did Iraq's fiscal year start on 1/1/13 or was it on 1/7/13 as people who use Warka have stated? A long time ago you had reason to believe that the rate coming out could be, could be, .10 s. Do you still believe this, or is there another method that you forsee that is more likely? With all that is going on right now, Maliki trying to dissolve the government and be a dictator, nobody knows whats going on with Talabani, the CBI saying we dont need permision to raise rates ect. What is the best possible outcome of the situations to hope for? Not outcome as in RV, but outcome in the different scenarios to effect the RV. Sorry for all the questions, thanks for taking the time to read them. GO RV!

Also since we are talking about the site, have you ever considered giving a forum competition for VIP access. I am a poor college guy that cant afford the VIP (even though its reasonably priced), but would love to enter a competition or somehow earn it. I understand the revenue is to help you run this site as there are not adds ect, but I would appreciate it if you gave it some thought.

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Any truth to this statement?

There is a difference from what took place last year; there are no Standby Agreement funds to keep them afloat. After February 23, they will drown

Read more:

Thank You!!!

Mines same as Firedawgs, but my wife wants to know: Do we have any idea what laws may have already been past (Erbil, HCL,or any of the rest)? How will we really know if these laws are past they don't seem to give factual info?

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Good Morning Adam, staff and all the DV members. If Talabani's wife (Hero) gets the replacement position of her husband, what would your opinion be on this as far as her getting things moving at a faster pace or would it even matter at all since lately, the House of Representatives and the Parliament keep postponing their meetings and nothing seems to be moving much at all now? Thank you and all your staff for your work.

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Adam, good morning. Hope this is not offensive but I was wondering if there was any questions that you have not already addressed at least a dozen times. Not being funny just sincere. Thanks for all you do for us and of course Go Rrrrrr Vvvvvv

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