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  1. The national news is reporting that maliki is working with the kurds to fix the isis problem.
  2. Adam, any chance that you might reopen 3 month VIP for $49.99 again?. maybe for a limited time?
  3. agreed. I only trust Adam as well. I would like to know his opinion on this and the article about the WTO for 2016. will that affect an RV happening this year?
  4. 10% to my church first and foremost because God made this happen and then pay off all debts!!
  5. Adam said this Tier 1,2,3 thing is nothing but BS. Don't buy into it. All the "gurus" are actually sitting on tier 4 laughing their butts off at this!! LOL
  6. They were also waiting on Milton Bradley too since they have all the "monopoly" money. LOL
  7. That was my question too Jeep. Glad i am not the only one that thinks this sounds "hokey".
  8. Adam, can you expound on all this tier 1,2 and 3 stuff. Is there any truth to all of it or is this just more "pumping"?
  9. would it be possible to RV before ch.7 is fully signed off?
  10. does anyone know what the exchange rate is for 1000:1 vice the 1166:1 being .00086 per dinar?
  11. Adam, I am a VIP member and I was wondering when the RV happens, you will send us our certificates to exchange our dinar at one of the many banks you have worked with correct? do you FedX them or just mail? lastly, at the bank you have set up for us, will there be a limit that you can cash at one time or will it not matter? thanks again for what you do!
  12. Adam, thanks for everything you do for DV. how much will the 2013 budget being approved impact how fast the erbil and HCL getting finalized? swiftly or no difference? thanks and sorry the pack got the sack in San Fran.
  13. hey everyone. this "sounds" good but I thought the erbil and HCL had to be complete before RV. isn't that what Adam has told us?
  14. Adam, with all your expertise in this investment, are you still on the "now till september" train? i only ask this because I would still like to believe it still has a chance at coming. Thanks brother.
  15. Adam, do you see a significant difference for the dinar after the UN meeting coming up this friday? How confident are you that Iraq will make things happen after the meeting occurs? Thanks for everything you do.
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