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Talabani calls for the Preparatory Committee to intensify its efforts to determine a new date for the meeting of the National

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Talabani calls for the Preparatory Committee to intensify its efforts to determine a new date for the meeting of the National

Thursday, April 5 / April 2012 19:15 b_154_189_16777215_0___images_idoblog_upload_84_b_283_189_16777215_0___images_idoblog_upload_1850_sm_4b6b7d9a72ad652030cefd1592480926.jpg

[baghdad - where]

Called on President Jalal Talabani, the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting to "intensify its efforts to reach understandings and to determine a new date for meeting the national soon."

And the transfer of a presidential statement, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, Thursday, Talabani said he was " in the context of efforts to promote national unity and continue to build state institutions and to achieve mutual understanding between the various parliamentary blocs and political forces, the Preparatory Committee charged with preparing for the meeting of the national series of meetings during which the display positions and discuss ways of resolving the disputed issues. "

"But the number and complexity of the issues that should be discussed by the national meeting, it was necessary to continue the meetings and the completion of discussions with a view to find solutions to existing problems Nadzh."

He said Talabani "As we emphasize the importance of continued efforts to achieve national consensus we urge all political forces to avoid all that may lead to charge the atmosphere and tense, and not to resort to the imposition of preconditions, as the dialogue table in the meeting is the best way to put all the worries and problems." .

And "This was the common perception of political forces and the Judging to in our call to convene a national meeting on the fifth of this month, and it was a matter of some regret that the parties take a negative attitude has led to the postponement of the meeting."

Talabani said at the conclusion of his statement, "We call on the Preparatory Committee to intensify its efforts to reach understandings and enable us to determine a new date for the national meeting soon, God willing."

Referred to as the Preparatory Committee meeting which was held yesterday at the home of Vice President of the Republic Khodair al did not reach any agreement Balvashl has been described by some deputies have been suspended Ajatmaat the Preparatory Committee to further notice.

The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi said on Wednesday during a press conference attended by the correspondent [where] the postponement of the date of the national meeting because of "lack of commitment of the parties to the agreement of the things in the preparatory meetings for the previous six, but the National Congress did not fail once and for all The new schedule will be announced at a later date and a new date will be determined after agreement on the agenda. "

He was scheduled to hold leaders of political blocs on Thursday the national meeting by the deadline established by President Jalal Talabani to discuss the current political crisis, especially the differences between the State of Law coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki and the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi on several files, and differences between the central government and the Kurdistan region especially with regard to the disputed areas and oil and gas law. ended.


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They will NOT schedule or commence this meeting if there is a chance that it will fail. Until all agreements have been agreed to in a "back room" somewhere, they will not set a date. Once they feel that there is enough agreed to that they can proclaim the meeting a success, the heads of the blocs can show up, make speeches, do lunch, and then sign papers in front of the various media outlets that they control. The people will marvel at how hard they must have worked to accomplish SO MUCH! Various items will need to be checked by the Judiciary, and some things will need to be voted on by Parliament before the results of the meeting come to fruition (did I just use the word "fruition"? sheesh.).

All the dirty work needs to get done BEFORE the meeting date is set. They CANNOT enter that meeting with ANY chance of failure.

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