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  1. If this is true, then he better listen. What am I saying? I forgot who we have become. My bad, Maliki...carry on. LOL!
  2. Been a while since I commented on anything. It is amazing to me that people still think this is going to lop. Do the research. Its either going to start right where it is, or they will come out at a staging rate. Then, it will rise to a level that was close to where it was pre-Sadam. If they had 85 trillion dinar, you wouldn't have people whining about the condition of the notes that are in circulation. LOL!
  3. This is crazy. So, he had a major stroke, and now a bladder infection? The guy is GONE.
  4. This is ridiculous. Just get them. These people talk more than my sister. Geez! You ever get the feeling that they talk just to make people think they are doing something? Oh wait, that would be like every politician in the US as well. My away...its your job. LOL!
  5. That is actually incredible. I wonder how long they last with sand and rain storms?
  6. I mean, if they can still put this out, then we have NO idea what is going on right now. The guy has been dead for months. Seriously, the President of a Country has not been seen or heard of, and that's normal? Either the citizens in Iraq are complete idiots, or the politicians think they are. Unbelievable. Bernie/Talabani would be pretty gross by now...LOL!
  7. This is bad for the Maliki. Audios, buddy. Now, why dont you distract some people and rv? Sound good?
  8. Its quite obvious that I have studied this, and have come to the conclusion that not ONE person on these boards or the owners of these sites knows what is going to actually happen. So, keep, could you kindly explain to me why you think that a lop is going to occur? Why would Iraq make an effort to remove the large denominations from the street if they were going to just lop the currency? Why would they dollarize their country if they were just going to lop? Why would Shabibi state in May of 2010 that when the US soldiers leave, the process would begin? Your argument holds merit if 30 trillion dinar were still on the street. They are not, so its time to look at where we are going. Where is that? I have no idea, but a lop, based on their actions, seems to be out of the question. A float, a staging rate, or an rv are all possible. Your lop theory makes no sense anymore. JMHO... You haven't seen the correct numbers in regards to the outstanding physical bills in years. None of us have. So, sell your currency. I think, based on the marshal plan, I'll keep mine. Have a good night. And...yes, people really set this up, and no, I'm not going into it. P.S. Adam...I think you are right. 10 cents to a dollar. It will get back to over three. We just won't be along for that ride.
  9. Great! Launch the da$n thing! Quit talking and just do it. Finish it...Good something! Float it, lop it, put out a staging rate, revalue it, just DO something. Can you guys tell that I'm kind of tired of this ridiculous roller coaster ride? LOL!
  10. Wow! He just stopped Obummers sanctions in Syria. This guy isn't going down easily.
  11. Audios! I don't read arabish, but it sounds like he better get his bug out bag and yesterday.
  12. He is a blow hard. He dissed Maliki, then he was with him, and now he's against him. Typical politician.
  13. It will be...what it will be. Let's just stay calm. Most of us have been in this too long to panic over an article like this. JMHO... A VERY long time ago, I was told that before the RV happens it will be crazy. Perhaps this is the craziness. Who knows?
  14. Not again! Geez...well, this time, DO IT! Here is an idea...everybody shut up, and get something done. Hmmm...this is kind of reminding me of another govt.
  15. I am not going to go into the details because it would take forever. If you look at the documents from the US, the IMF, the GOI, the Finance Ministry, the Economic Ministry, the Document I can't remember the name of (LOL!) You will see that we will make money. Lastly, there is no reason to dollarize your economy if you are going to lop. They are clearing the streets of dinar, and that is being done for a reason. I think its going to float up, but I'll take a buck and be GONE! JMHO... They will NEVER tell you exactly what they are going to do. So...we wait. I am so freaking tired of doing that! LOL!
  16. Mydogz...Yep...sure does! Then, boot him and quit crying about it! Somebody over there needs to grow a pair. I am starting to get embarrassed for them.
  17. Yep...its about a dollar...he won't see it coming...or anything else after that.
  18. Its fine. Stop listening to this crap. Man, its gonna get crazy before it ends. Heard that from the horses mouth. One explosion in a photo, and everyone is bailing. Well, how many of those happened today in our country? LOL!
  19. Iraq has trillions, folks. It amazes me that they are getting away with suppressing this currency play. Unbelievable!
  20. It was a misfired post. No relevance...kind of like TerrK in the rumor section. It has no relevancy in reality. The ISX went electronic, so let's see how fast the big boys enter. The strength of the currency depends on the investment of the world. It may be worth a buck right now, but ALL or MOST of this investment depends on the willingness of companies to MOVE IN RIGHT NOW.
  21. This looks good. Don't expect a first. If it does come out that high, I'm going to fall over. LOL! Its going to start rising, but it may take a little time. 10 cents at first, and my jaw is dropping. We shall see. They keep talking about it, so let's see what they can do. JMHO...
  22. Keep...there is only one problem with your theory. There is no reason to dollarize your economy if you are going to lop your currency. If they had not dollarized, I would be out and gone. Did Turkey dollarize their nation before they lopped? Your theory makes no sense, and I believe that it will rise over time. Have you read the documents, or are you just listening to articles? Its not going to be overnight, but it will happen. It looks like this ride is about to get really interesting. JMHO...The Marshall Plan...check it out. We've done this before. A lot! Kind of with Kuwait...but we didn't have to slam their currency. Sadam did it for us. I'm ex-military. We don't fight for one reason. One more example... The Roman Empire. Check it out. Just saying...
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