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  1. It is scheduled in the coming days - April 1, 2019! LOL Sorry folks - we all need a little humor!!
  2. There is a high probability that we can all be totally fr***ged!
  3. Blaino needs a colonoscopy without the benefit of Demerol!
  4. Yes it can - this is the risk we face! Why is eliminating the 50 good? Article states that value will be restored in accounts in country, but over here - SQUAT! Without a change in value - This is BAD! Lowest denim is what 100 Dinar note. C'mon people - THINK!!!!
  5. At the risk of being a killjoy: What correlation does the passing of the budget have with a rate increase in the currency? I agree that the 2015 budget has been passed in a quicker time period than previous years.
  6. The way I read this - There is an entire Budget deficit of $5 Trillion $. Most likely, their main revenue source, OIL has lost 50% of its value in six months. The CBI of Iraq is going to buy $5 Trillion of Bonds (e.g. placing $5 Trillion from their reserves (but not the special reserves) into the market place. If anything this hurts an RV, it does not help it. You are correct, sir!
  7. Simply stated: In the past 5 months the total revenue generating product of Iraq has decreased 95% - NOT GOOD!
  8. 1) No 2) No 3) No 4) No 5) No 6) Nothing 7) Nowhere 8) Everything is relative 9) No 10) No
  9. $3.8 Million X $60 per barrel = $228,000,000 per day, not billions $228,000,000 x 350 day year = $79.8 Billion of revenue per year - in US dollars Kurds want a 17% allocation, not 12%.
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