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Dinar Gurus and Bigfoot Followers

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In reflecting on my investment in the Dinar I cannot help but think that the Dinar Gurus and Bigfoot are one in the same. Here’s’ what I mean….

When you hear people talk about bigfoot, you can’t help but think they are a little off…..

When you hear guru’s talk about “there source form the bank is telling them the rate is $8.12 ”, well they seem a little off as well.

Bigfooters seem to lead other nut jobs on bigfoot expeditions.

Dinar guru’s like Okie, TNT ect seem to lead other nut jobs in the Dinar world.

Bigfoot followers use terms like “squatchie”,” high squatch probability” and “definitely saw some squatch”

Dinar Guru’s use terms like, “back office screen” , “a source”, “three letter agency”, “cashin tomorrow” and “window”

With that said, Dinar guru’ seem a little squatchie to me….


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What if.... now hear me out.. but what if all these guru's are actually a collection of samsquamches, Yetti's and la chupa cabra all hanging out and making predictions... It makes sense they're all torqued cause we're always trying to hunt them down and take their pictures for fame and the're posting all this BS to get back at us...

WOW, i just blew my own mind.

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