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  1. Iran sanctions could soon push oil prices above $90 a barrel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch says “We are in a very attractive oil price environment and our house view is that oil will hit $90 by the end of the second quarter of next year,” Hootan Yazhari, head of frontier markets equity research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said. On Tuesday, the U.S. demanded that all countries halt imports of Iranian crude from early November. The Trump administration’s hardline position comes as part of a broader push to try to further isolate Tehran both politically
  2. Published: May 19, 2017 6:12 a.m. ET AFP/Getty Images Saudi Arabia's minister of energy Khalid A Al-Falih in Vienna, on June 2, 2016. By SARASJOLIN MARKETS REPORTER BIMANMUKHERJI Oil futures moved sharply higher on Friday, as investors showed some optimism about what will come out of next week’s meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
  3. Can anyone explain to me why must they pass the HCL law before there can be a revaluation of the dinar? What is the connection? It certainly doesn’t look like the GOI will ever agree on this or even bring it up for a vote. They keep pushing it off to the “next session” year after year... Is it at all possible that we can ever see an RV without the HCL law passing?
  4. We have on this web site a plethora of information from years of research. I would like to start a discussion about possible time frames for an RV, RI, or float. Where ever you stand about what may happen, let's here it. Please only bring your opinion if it can be backed up by any evidence. Most of us have read most of what has been written about the dinar. Please don't bring up rates, just a probable time frame for what most of us wait for. Me first and why. I believe that from all the information I have read, within the 1st quarter of this year the dinar will go international. Honestly
  5. Luigi says... If these guys know what they are talking about, the RV will have a slow gradual increase, not an overnight event. If true, exchange enough to get you by, then hold off for 90 days for the big payload. What say you? Not verified. Your opine. 10-17-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO...THE RI IS COMING...AND INTROS A FREE FLOAT...THEN FOR ABOUT 70 TO 80 DAYS LATER THEY WILL CAP WITH A CONTROLLED FLOAT OF THE RV... [RI to a free float, then to a cap where it will be managed. Once they reach the cap rate, do you think it will stay in that range or drop
  6. Luigi says.... Treat this article as a rumor. Not verified. Your reaction. 20 Aug 2017 Delta.... Over a 73 million dollar increase in foreign currency holdings and about 9 million in gold reserves increased.......somebody knows how to make money….All the while they dropped around 40 million in debt.......very productive month, many companies wish they can have this kind of operation. Sirenfire: That is VERY COOL... a 1.7 billion dollar credit is showing in july for current year revaluation!!!!! WOOHOOO PLUS currency issuance expenses for print NEW DENO
  7. MajDA

    RV is dead!

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 RV IS DEAD! OPA - RV is Dead! To General Public, Plan and simple, right now, THE RV is DEAD! Thanks to the Senators voting against the Repeal & Replace Obamacare. Reason being there is a 70% tax on the exchange that was voted into law placed within the Obamacare bill, so if they let the RV go through the CABAL is refunded by your money. Any and all the boards are telling YOU, its going right now. NOPE! The CABAL members within CONGRESS – SENATE all supported the vote against the Repeal & Replace. YOUR DREAMS ARE DEA
  8. July 26 2017 4:12 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: Judy Byington... Correction to an earlier Situation Report: John McCain, not Mitch McConnell, was the lead negotiator for the American Cabal in Congress. McCain got a warning for delaying the monetary reforms (aka USN) in the Senate. The entire free world was on standby waiting for the US Republic Congress to become GESARA compliant (financially via USN) so we could get on with the RV. Trump was waiting, too. He cannot wait to be release from his Russian, Chinese, and Republic amnesty contract. We believe even the Cabal wanted a c
  9. Luigi asks... Did the Gurus get it all wrong again? They all called the rate at $1 to 1 at the end of Ramadan or Eid. Glitches, outages & dead phones blamed for the no go RV. 27 June 2017 Phillyman... Today marks the end of the Eid al Fitr feast, the three day celebration which began Sunday marking the end of Ramadan. Where's the RV? Where's the beef?
  10. Happy Friday everyone! If you hadn't noticed, I'm watching this OPEC situation like a HAWK... this is getting serious! We all view the word "soon" with a bit of disdain, but it's starting to taste a little better every day. This rolled across my desk bright and early this morning: But the real reason for this post is to clarify the next OPEC meeting date. I was mistaken earlier this week, the meeting is not on the 27th... it's on the 25th. Ramadan starts on the 26th. Could the 25th or 26th be our day? It's possible, if Ir
  11. Luigi found this rumor of interest. Rumor has not been varified. Your opine. Iraq has already announced even on TV yesterday morning that they had revalued their currency and it has a value of 6 times of the USD. Tier 1, 2, & 3 paid and getting access to their funds. We are next we are the tier 4. Everything is moving beautifully and we could possibly get the 800# between now and tomorrow afternoon.
  12. Just a quick question.... there is so much talk all over the media as they are pre-programming us to accept, even LOVE the idea of our society going absolutely CASHLESS. As usual, the young folk will just love it because it's soooo convenient and handy to pay for everything with your smart phone....or with an implanted chip in your hand (Mark of the Beast, anyone??). As usual, the young folk will not immediately understand that going cashless will immediately cause everyone to lose their personal power in the matrix-like system, run by technocrats and A.I. No more free trading o
  13. Wow, so has anyone else noticed the soaring Dollar after Janet Yellens recent rate hike announcement...The Euro falling apart along with Sterling and the Yen..Unbelievable, I was long the dollar prior to the meeting (so i did well) ..but wow, she is saying another 3 hikes THIS YEAR!..Thats incredible, I really don't think anyone is realizing how big of a move this really is..
  14. Luigi1


    6-6-2016 Newshound Guru wmawhite ...PM Abadi stood in front of the G-7 and many others and told them that Iraq would join them on that stage...the world economic stage...I believe him and so do they...and they know he will not be on that stage with them at a value of $0.00086.
  15. Do you think there can be an RV with Mosul still in ISIS control or do they need to be driven out first?
  16. I really thought (should be read here as "hoped") that we would see $3.22 by March (3) 22, 2016 [which is today, by the way]. Alas, we do not see this rate on this date. Maybe we'll see it someday soon. Haha. Soon... So yeah, with that being said. Who wants to go over to Iraq and tell those lazy camel-hoarders to step up their game and get on with revaluing the IQD to its rightful exchange rate against the US dollar so we can all get our early retirements? All in, say "aye"! TQ out.
  17. I noticed there is no listed auction for Dec. 23, 2015. Not trying to read into it too much, but I don't know of any holidays or any CBI closures and it's not their "sunday" or normal day of the week where they aren't open and doing auctions. Anyone think something is up? CBI page still just shows the results for the 22nd's auction.
  18. Hey DVers. Today, August 12th, is my birthday. And all I'm asking for is a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. If not today, then in the immediate future. That is all. Thanks everyone and have a good day!
  19. Feeling like there's no anchor information. Anybody have an idea of where we are (other than Ramadon a dong a ding dong)? So where are we now?
  20. I don't want to be pessimistic about the RV happening, but it seems that it is looking less and less likely every day. USA – -( The fall of Ramadi, capital of Anbar, largest province in Iraq, after a rout of the Iraqi army by a few hundred ISIS fighters using bomb-laden trucks, represents a stunning setback for U.S. policy. When President Obama declared that we shall “degrade and defeat” the Islamic State, he willed the ends, but not the means. The retreat from Ramadi makes clear that the Ir
  21. from TNT Tony... 01-05-2015. Guru TNT Tony OMG got a call from my WF WM...rates are live. Luigi says...treat as a rumor until its varified.
  22. from Guru Aggiedad77... Many Gurus believe the Investment Law will be key to the RV as Investors will need laws to protect them & a rate to work with. After the 3rd reading, it will go to Gazette then become law around the 1st week in May. IMO. Luigi. 4-20-2015 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: "Parliament to raise its 28 April" Today's Parliament session did get through the second reading of the Investment Law...woohoo...some well as a couple of other readings...then announced its next meeting to be April 28.
  23. from Eagle1... 04-16-2015 Guru Eagle WOW! Can you believe it? I actually posted it twice in the same day. Just though you all would like to know that Jack Lew was quoted on FOX Business News as saying that the financial community needs to be aware that several currencies will be undergoing a major revaluation during the next few days. We're there. How 'bout them apples! Treat as a rumor until it is verified from multiple sources.
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