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  1. Its not the first hurdle we have faced on this adventure and won't be the last... I know people who are selling and getting out cause they scared to lose everything they have invested. I for one am staying steadfast in the belief that someday it will RV and make this all worth while ,, God Bless and Geaux RV
  2. Not the only Conference just the best one lol,, Seriously thought the Ducks were the best outside the SEC and stood a good chance to win it all. Looks like another SEC team in the Big Game. As far as Bama goes they should have two defeats, not just one, but we didn't seal the deal when we had them. Georgia is going to give Bama all they want and might just take um out in the SEC Championship game.Oregon still has the coolest uniforms by far,, Geaux Tigers and the SEC
  3. Honestly,I think they have a lot to do within their inner structure before any currency issues can be addressed. Biggest problem is they don't really care about their people.. Sad to see how little they do care about the welfare of their own Country.. Only time will tell, God Bless and Geaux RV
  4. Congrats bamagirl, The tide showed up and kicked our butt, Power to the SEC... God Bless and Geaux RV
  5. looks like the poll is close but don't think the score will be... Geaux Tigers!!!!!
  6. It is obvious who i am pulling for.. Geaux Tigers!!!! but thought it would be nice to know who the majority of the dinar family is picking if you are a College Football Fan.. I think we could all use a change of pace every now and then just to keep our sanity lol, ,LSU or BAMA...I apologize if you feel that topics should only be about dinar but i did post in the rumor section, maybe i should have posted in off topics,, ... God Bless and Geaux RV
  7. I remember those days well,, We had to learn from our mistakes and became stronger because of it.. Parents didn't have to worry about their kids being bad at other homes, cause if you were, your friends parents would whip you.. Had no fear of leaving your window open on a breezy night.. All parents looked out for all the kids not just theirs and if you got hurt at their house, your parents would tell you to be more careful not who can i sue..Bring back the good ole days before the government decided what is best for us, the days when people still cared about their neighbors and helped each oth
  8. You are not looking at this the right way.. forget the 1170 , no longer relevant.. new rate is $1.17 IQD , lets just say you have 1,000,000 dinar that cost you $1,000 USD, that is 1000 times your investment if it revalued at $ 1.00 USD plus an additional .17cents for every dinar you have $170,000 USD for a total of, $1,170,000 USD..minus your investment of $1,000 USD so you profit $1,169,000 USD,, hope this helps, God Bless and Geaux RV
  9. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Never tooooooo old to enjoy a classic
  10. Here we go again, but beware of OSU messing up your rematch... Geaux Tigers!!!!
  11. First and foremost Tithe to the Church, help support my Uncle's Missions across the World..He was a modern day Prophet spreading God's Love to all four corners of the World..He is the one who brought me on this train ride we call the dinar express in the first place, Sad thing is, he passed away in October of Cancer and will never see this to fruition. We had made a pack to go to Aruba and sit on the beach and decide what we would do with our new found riches to help others and better our lives.. I will keep that pack for his memory.God Bless and Geaux RV...
  12. BAMA might just get their rematch against LSU >>> Geaux Tigers!!!!!!! Prayers go out to the OSU family for the tragedy that took the lives of their Woman's Basketball Coach and Assistant Coach..and also the Pilot and his Wife..
  13. Well we do agree that the SEC is the best and strongest conference in NCAA football, we have to show that to the unfortunate teams outside the SEC.. if a SEC team is scheduled in their season,they know there will be at least one loss for them lol.. Will be a great game my friend, Geaux Tigers!!!!! Hope we can all celebrate an RV soon
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