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  1. It is a very small amount but an even more significant number isn't shown ... that is the cash portion of the auction ... it was 1.538M. Over a year (and a half?) ago Zantac's UAE contact told him that until you saw no sale for at least 48 hrs you wouldn't see an RI/RV. He later postulated that since al-Maliki had been a fly in the ointment that "zero cash days" (or near zeroes as we have today) were possibly the new form that we might see it in. Think about it ... Auction totals haven't been this low since Dec 2007 ... in fact todays auction totals are the low end (18M-26M) of the CASH portion average prior to Oct 7th! Making 0 yesterday and 1.538M today less than minuscule to maintain liquidity and only 6 banks participated today (read that as had a need)... 7 yesterday. Oil and gold are perched perfectly according to Frank26's predictions for the past 2 years ... "Perfect Storm Brewing"? ... stay tuned and we'll see! I love this: Peace Doc31
  2. Thanks all ... I had a little time and decided to post ... there were just a bunch of little things that added together became a big HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! There obviously is more ... did you read Space Cowboy's post? ... I'm not saying that it's wrong but is it just me or is that thing all over the place? ... well, we'll keep an eye on the auctions tomorrow for sure. Peace Doc31
  3. I had not seen this ... thanks for the post This will bring it up in English Doc31
  4. And just as I mention it Gold slides nearly $7 and silver $2.33 ... It just looks like a high perch setup for a fall to me ... perhaps not ... I do understand about the European holiday ... my problem with it though is why normal yesterday and so low today (you do realize that 18M-26M was the normal cash portion prior to Oct 6th 2010?) ... "aberrant" just doesn't cover this! Peace Doc31
  5. Go to this link then enter 52 in the page box, scroll to the bottom. That zero is huge. Go back to page 51 to see the column headers. Remember that these auctions are the mechanism of liquidity for the banks ... only 7 participated ... all via wire. Too funny ... gotta watch those rumors! Peace Doc31
  6. Currency Auctions Announcement No. (1883) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 25-APR-2011. The results were as follows: DetailsNotesNumber of banks7 Auction price selling dinar / US$1170 Auction price buying dinar / US$----- Amount sold at auction price (US$)18,550,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)----- Total offers for buying (US$)18,550,000 Total offers for selling (US$)----- Exchange rates Dollar's exchange rates / in Baghdad markets This is the lowest auction since December of 2007 ... the first $0 in the cash portion since Dec 2, 2010 ... I know we've had tons of near zeroes but as of late their normal cycle includes low first day of the week (Sunday) and sometimes low Monday. Sunday was average ... today ... minuscule. What do we make of it? Have we seen it before ... yep (Oct 7th 2010 until Dec 2nd 2010 was zero) ... but the auction total was NEVER this small during that time frame ... as I said you have to go back to December of 2007 to find one this small ... was it the perfect setup for the clowns to RI/RV ... yep ... did it signal Shabbibi's intent ... I believe so ... what does it mean now? ... I'm like you ... it HAS to have some meaning/explanation but without a bigger picture it is difficult to put your finger on. We know that inflation is on the rise because Shabbibi has tried to corner al-Maliki by tightening up the money supply ... has he (and the powers that be) finally got him cornered? ... stay tuned ... the next few days might tell us what we need to know. Okay boys and girls ... Oil is obscene and IMO not because of unrest in the ME Silver obscene as well Gold more obscene than silver or oil ... indeed using silvers relationship to gold for the past 100+ years we see that in a worse case scenario gold should be hovering at about $1000 compared to silver ... OR ... silver is so greatly undervalued that it should be between $75 and $101 ... I think even the biggest silver enthusiast would agree that this is beyond reason. We can argue all day about the strength of the dollar ... sending $700B out of the country for close to $30 years to people who hate us ... fear/metals ... etc. ... let's take a peek at how the MAJORS are doing against metals. Yes ... I realize that it is only reflective through Dec 31, 2010 ... here's the relationship the other way And while you can see separation between the currencies the theme is identical ... gold is disproportionately high against ALL currencies. That means either that ALL the majors are in trouble OR ... simply put ... gold is whack! I can't find a silver chart done this way but our math above tells the story For you conspiracy theorists ... I recognize that this next chart is often blank in spots ... well ... today either someone took the day off or ... well, you be the judge ... A quick look at the news tells us that if this was a soap opera and we hadn't read anything on DV for months ... in a minute or two you could pick right back up on the story ... translation ... same crap (being offered up) ... different day. Topics of interest Paris Club Debt ... apparently triggered Jan 1st, 2011 ... due ... what June 30/July 1st or was it June 1st ... was it payable in oil or cash? ... IMO heck of a way to shock your economy ... RI/RV at or near the same time you have to begin paying off this massive debt. On my re-read I seem to have opened up more things for question rather than answering them ... I guess it's just one of those days ... I haven't even gotten to what I wanted to talk about but I'm out of time. To summarize ... lots of stuff that makes you want to go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! To the clowns ... tic ... toc As always ... Peace Doc31
  7. Bingo ... the only "fly in the ointment" here is if I remember correctly (not sure) the debt is to be paid in oil incrementally. This scenario would NOT preclude an RI/RV prior to beginning payment on this debt. Correct me if I'm wrong ... but please provide a link to a viable news article (not someone's opinion post nor something Mohammed Saleh/Salih had to say). Think about it though riots are down ... 100 day time frames given ... Shabibi came to the US last year to attempt to find some "takers" for his "invest in Iraq" sales pitch and had no takers! ... he's here again doing the same thing ... why would it be different this year? ... indeed, in my book they got Saddam Lite instead of a PM things are more rocky unless the security positions are locked down by folks who don't kowtow to him ... kinda' hard with a reported 3K to 4200 secret police and 6 (or 7) secret prisons (Amnesty Int.). Did you here Shabs yesterday in the video? "IF I knew ... I couldn't tell you"! Something to ponder! Peace Doc31
  8. This article in one form or another is a little over one year old. They trot it out all the time. What you need to be able to spot is what's in red. He's the MofP ... Minister of Propaganda ... or so it would seem. Good or bad ... wait until it is CONFIRMED by someone else. Peace Doc31
  9. Make up my mind ... they want us out ... they want us in ... These guys couldn't organize a bake sale! We pay off Kuwait's debt and they start screaming "get out" ... uh huh! Doc31
  10. 1 USD divided by 1170 IQD = .000858 dollars/IQD or less than 1/10th of a cent Removing the zeroes from this number to make it $.86 is a mathematical aberration ... this is NOT what is meant by removing the zeroes Folks with poor math skills began this rumor several years ago by guessing rather than listening to the Governor of the CBI. With enough time folks have decided that it is a viable rate derived from a logical process ... it's nonsense. It also doesn't mean that it can't come out at $.86 ... it's just that this is NOT the mechanism. Peace Doc31
  11. OMGosh that is too funny ... I'll see what I can do ... but I know that I won't be posting for at least 9 days ... sorry ... and no that's not a RV date ... it's my schedule (told you I was just busy)! Too funny! Peace Doc31
  12. Gold at $1454 at this hour ... huge up ($20) Oil $107
  13. Currency Auctions Announcement No. (1869) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 5-APR-2011. The results were as follows: DetailsNotesNumber of banks17 Auction price selling dinar / US$1170 Auction price buying dinar / US$----- Amount sold at auction price (US$)191,205,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)----- Total offers for buying (US$)191,205,000 Total offers for selling (US$)----- Exchange rates Dollar's exchange rates / in Baghdad markets Oil ... high ... dated Brent Crude $120.20 Gold ... insane ... running in a $12 channel but in a very nervous pattern Zeroes ... near ... but the obvious withdrawal of the money supply (read that as big bills) by the CBI causing more inflation and pressure for the clowns of the GOI to RV is requiring larger and larger "gulps of air" by the banks to maintain liquidity. Statistically, they are still small as the cash portion 4.235M is only 2.21% I decided to post something this morning because so many folks are leaving me messages checking to see if I'm OK ... I'm fine ... thank you for checking ... just very busy ... this morning I had a few minutes ... and for the first time in weeks I felt like I had something to write about ... I hope you do when I'm through ... lol. Besides when your pastor friends and your wife start busting on you to post ... perhaps you should make some time ... that peace at home thang don't ya' know. Nah, it wasn't like that at all ... she's my best friend, wife and lover ... she is simply the best. OK ... let's see if I remember how to do this ... The thing that has continued to bother me is the quality of the news that we are getting ... our news-hounds are doing their job ... the writers on the other end ... not so much. Is it just me or does it appear that the guts have been ripped from the articles ... perhaps I've been here so long that I've become overly jaded ... or ... perhaps I can smell the bull in the other pasture because of the amount of droppings ... are you with me? For a while articles with the titles we were looking for and hoping to see were often 2 sentences in length!!!!!! What's up with that? For instance the ORIGINAL LOI post ... ridiculous. Another thing that has bothered me is that ... let's face it ... at $80 ... oil is over-priced ... nah ... I'm not going to buy your world instability, weak dollar, challenges ... that is what is in the press ... not what can be seen statistically. The instability in the ME is not the overriding factor ... go look at the rise in relation ... it doesn't explain the $74 at the middle of the month rising the last few days of a month to be at or near $90 which would last 10-15 days and then fall to $74 again ... next month same thing. Yes someone was artificially manipulating oil ... I believe for the Iraqi RI/RV. Marry that with where we started to see civil unrest in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc. and while you see blips you don't see full scale UPS ... instead it's blips up, settling, and remaining high. Nope ... the dollar IS weak but go look at it against other currencies vs oil. It just isn't so. Gold ... don't get me started ... I've been telling you it was insane for a very long time. Many of you have told me that it is the first thing that you are going to buy ... good luck with that. Remember, I'm not your Mom ... if you are led to do this ... do what you've got to do. Here's how I see it ... mass hysteria/speculation has driven gold to dizzying heights. Why do I believe that? ... well, gold and silver for nearly 200 years has had a relationship mathematically. That ratio ordinarily is 17:1 gold vs. silver (varying from about 15:1 to 20:1). Today silver is quite high at $38.40 (and perhaps that is appropriate but I doubt it and fodder for another post) ... if we apply our 17:1 rule we find that gold should be about $652 and it is 10% higher than TWICE that ... heck, even if we apply the 20:1 ratio it would only be $768. You say "well Doc31 ... you just don't understand metals and silver is actually way low because of the amount of surface silver available today vs that buried deep ... silver is scarce ... with the vaporization processes utilized in industry today it is a diminishing commodity ... (I told you it was a topic for another discussion ... let me step off here). And you'd be right ... I'm no metals expert but I believe that it is obvious that I do know a few things about metals via fairly intense study. Indeed, if we were to divide $1434.04 by 20 it would put silver at $71.70! Even Silver guys would have a hard time with that number ... no don't start that weak dollar stuff either ... go find a currencIES vs gold chart and a currencIES vs silver chart ... you'll see that the dollar is indeed weak but not disproportionately to the others (if it were there would be a divergent line between the currencIES and the USD ... there isn't. What if we were to agree (no I'm not suggesting that these numbers are the real deal ... it's a math exercise ... I knew you knew that!) that silver was undervalued ... let's say it was something near $12 low or 31.6% (nope I don't) and $50 was what it should be valued at ... still with me? ... since it is adjusted correctly (fictionally rather than actually) we have to use 17 as the multiplier and we see that gold should be at $850. Are you still a buyer at it's current level? I know that it is obvious that I am not ... shoot ... $50 silver to me would not be reflective of it's value but hoarding and media driven hype ... I actually think that at $38 it is just that ... but that's just me. Let me give my disclaimer again ... I am not a metals guy ... nor your investment counselor ... I'm just a math and patterns guy ... oh, yeah ... and I'm not your Mom! Yesterday I got a call from a friend ... as I listened I began to smile ... it's happening ... Zürich ... "yes, yes" ... right up to the part where the bankers told them that if they waited until tomorrow/end of week (depends on the source) that the rate would be higher. This is the point that the smile left my face. Folks ... I know that we are all anxious ... many of us are hurting and want the pain eased minimally and erased if possible. The crap that we are sometimes willing to swallow is astounding. I'm not throwing stones at the originator of this story ... not at all ... I don't know them and for all I know they were posting what they believed to be intel. However, we've got to use our heads. Zürich bankers have been doing what they do for what 200 years ... more you say?! These are the "all-pros" of banking. They are in it TO MAKE MONEY! That's it! The services that they offer are meant to be unique enough to attract the wealthy and then they extract from the wealthy ... hence TO MAKE MONEY. Currency conversion is part and parcel of their business. Ask yourself (and I'm not going to go look up the exact numbers ... you'll get the point) if a Zürich banker knew that the currency exchange rate absolutely would be going up in a day or a few days ... WOULD HE BE TELLING A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER THIS NEWS? The answer is of course NO! The banker would make the exchange at the low rate (what was it $3.80 something), pocket the increase (about $2.32/IQD or so), and accept the new position offered to him by his superiors for having in less than 96 hours made the bank millions upon millions of dollars! No ... I don't care that the original story was in euros and conversion is necessary ... the story is the same. Lesson: Don't be a Sheeple! Think ... most of this stuff is common sense. I'd love for it to come in at either rate ... probability says very low chance ... no that doesn't mean it is impossible. My point is to just take everything with "a grain of salt" ... ask yourself ... "does it pass the smell test"? On to another point ... I've a friend who after last Monday's "Failure to Launch" (yes that was for you movie buffs ... don't think I've ever made a movie reference before ... and from your response I'm thinking you shouldn't look for it again ... tough crowd!) was very "disappointed" ... he has some serious needs as do many of us and so last Monday was just a total let down for him. Indeed, I saw yesterday(?) where a guy who has been here a very long time had "lost faith" in his investment. Two things ... 1) disappointment brings about strong emotion ... do not act upon that emotion UNTIL you've sorted out what is real and what is anger/disappointment/etc ... I often have to recenter an IQD holder with some very sobering words ... "so, you are a seller now ... because I'm a buyer" ... that usually snaps them out of their pity party. 2) choose more wisely where you put your "faith" ... there is but One real choice! Here it is ... I'm not dis-gusted, dis-enchanted, dis-appointed, or dis-(whatever, you fill it in) ... I'm not "DIS" anything. Ultimately, and I know you don't want me to use the "I" word but I'm going to anyway ... ultimately ... my spirit is at peace ... I like many think that the RI/RV is "imminent"! Since that's the program ... why not be at peace. The Book says that meanwhile I am to "occupy" ... I am busy doing just that and endeavoring to "put my hand to it mightily!" I hope that this has brought you some perspective and at least a portion of peace as I've run out of time ... I'm a bit rusty as you can see ... so play nice! Peace to all Doc31
  14. It's the SPREAD ... those of you who don't know what that is need to go look it up ... it will be invaluable to understand it so that you can negotiate your spread when you cash out ... or you can be a Sheeple! go to click on currency auction click on exchange rate put 52 in the pdf page box and hit enter go to the bottom and see the spread, the volume, cash portion, wires now go back up to page 51 for the column headers if you go back further you will see a smaller spread before that ... CBI SAID that it was to give vendors a better % ... it seems it actually just helped the CBI and it's banks get a bigger % I hope this helps Peace Doc31
  15. Now you've hit it ... out of coffee ... I hate it when that happens! Listen folks I've responded to all who've visited my profile and asked. 1) I'm fine 2) I'm very busy and don't have the time 3) what is passing for news is shallow and/or not worth commenting on 4) if I see something worth commenting on ... I will 5) all other speculation is fabricated 6) I APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERN (I'm just very busy ) 7) My group continues to call me daily and ask questions. Blessings to all ... take a deep breath ... your blessing will come ... the book says "occupy" ... make sure that, minimally ... you are doing that. Peace Doc31
  16. Yep ... it was Zantac ... apparently has a contact high up in government in ME but not Iraq (can't recall currently). This was the contact's words. From my perspective (and I think what muydinar is saying) it makes perfect sense and I've talked about it many times ... an absolute? ... I've seen nothing etched in stone ... lol! Peace Doc31
  17. You didn't click on the "currency auction" ... it's here click on the "exchange rate" on that page and you'll get more of the picture (go to page 52) Peace Doc31
  18. Why? ... I buy all the time from folks off this site ... yes I use the same safeguards that DT uses ... never had a bad experience! It's currency ... I know how to authenticate (and so should ALL of you) ... what's the big deal? Go RI/RV Peace Doc31 PS In Iraq is correct ... your price is too high if you really want to get rid of it ... on ebay though you MIGHT be okay depending on the rate your competitors listed
  19. Yep ... good job! Doc31
  20. Too funny ... also ... Possum never posts when Adam is out of town ... yep ... yep ... I knew you'd get it! ... lol
  21. Agreed ... nicely done. But you my friend have just made the DV conspiracy theorists week! LOL Peace my friend Doc31
  22. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ... did they or didn't they ... and is there a cover up to focus us on ... what? Thanks for the post! Doc31
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