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  1. uh yeah, I think I was accidentally banned from chat also
  2. Phunkneebone very nice! Now I realize I'm spending too much time in the chats You make it easy to go there eh! thanks for being a freind!
  3. Very good point Darin! I've been wondering the same thing, "What gives us the right to tell an individual who they may or may not be associated with."
  4. Scooter bud, take a break from this as needed, but know that 99.99% of us will be hoping you'll come back soon! Thanks for all your amazing research, chats and perspectives! You will be GREATLY missed!
  5. Awesome work again Scooter! Thanks for all you do!
  6. They posted yesterday's auction today? What the heck are the doing now?
  7. Thanks for posting Scooby Doo Thanks for allowing Scooby Doo to post it Scooter GO RV GO!
  8. US dollar USD 1170.000 1168.000 Euro EUR 1679.418 1678.578 British pound GBP 1905.462 1904.509 Canadian dollar CAD 1196.441 1195.843 Swiss franc CHF ----- ----- Swedish krona SEK 184.397 184.305 Norwegian krone NOK ----- ----- Danish krone DKK ----- ----- Japanese yen JPY 14.529 14.521 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1870.865 1869.930 Indicative rates - 14.06.2011 The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 9-JUN-2011. The results were as follows: 3 days no currency auction? I think somethings going down this time! GO RV GO!
  9. Once again, here is the link to revert back to earlier java, not the best solution IMHO
  10. I know I'm gonna tick some people off by beating this horse to death, but I don't give up easily! Many times in the chatroom Mods and highly respected and trusted members (not me) cannot paste a link or news article in chat because the have ugraded java. The only solution offered so far is to revert back to previous version java. Now I am no computer expert here, but seems to me the ultimate solution lies in a server update. Please, any computer tech that is aware of what is required to have this updated on the server offer your solutions here so we can finally get this ball rolling! Now I've always been able to copy and paste in chat, so I'm not interested in hearing once again that the problem is on my end. Some Mods have even expressed they are happy that all cannot paste in chat because of liability issues, etc. I would gladly give up my right to do so if this were fixed and all Mods and info suppliers like Scooter were the only ones with the capabilty to do so. Any information that would help persuade the owner of this site to to update the copy and paste feature in the chatroom would be much appreciated! thank you, Dinar_Eddie
  11. I guess that's why they call it the blues eh
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