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  1. Actually there are words......we just can't use them here!
  2. I continue to see on various sites where gurus are urging people to travel to the State of Texas to cash-in their dinar. They are advising people to do this because there is no state income tax in Texas. There is not, in fact, state income tax in Texas, HOWEVER, you must be a resident for this to apply to you. If you travel from your home state to Texas to cash-in, you will pay state income tax in your home state later. Forewarned is forearmed.
  3. A two quart sauce pan will work fine......unless you have an unusually large head and in that case just get a three quart.
  4. A good friend one day said to me Got something here I want you to see. It's some money from a far away land That's icky and hot and covered in sand. So I paid my dime and I'll takes my chances Hoping, of course, for the best circumstances. Then I looked high and I looked low Looking for the best place to go. DinarVets is what I found that great day And friends like Beachdreaming, Riley and Sassky. Jeepguy, Hurricanewayne and jimpickles too And Bobby "Choot Em" Romero with a laugh for you. The Crabman sidled up to Linda 56 To watch Dinar Eddie do some quick tricks. Dave H, davhin
  5. First of all, I heard the audio.....and second of all, I don't think God would need to make a guess or give a range of dates. I really think He would know the exact date.
  6. It appears you have the love, respect and best wishes of all who know you and I can only conclude you have well earned it. Though I am fairly new to this family, I see you as a loyal, trusted friend. I wish you all the best and hope this birthday fulfills all your dreams. Happy happy birthday.
  7. "It is technically the end of 1/2 of 2011"............thought that would be June 30. Did the calendar change and I missed it?
  8. I read in one of the forums that, in the midst of their tragedies, Japan had sent blankets and supplies to Alabama, I think it was.
  9. This group is Il Divo and their music can be purchased anywhere. They were discovered and brought together by Simon Cowell.
  10. Why would a contractor be getting a card? I thought the cards were for the Iraqi people?
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