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  1. I hear quite often about "things" happening in June... Could someone explain what they are, and why June? Etc Thanks in advance,
  2. Thus the reason that many of us are in this... A potentially huge return, with very little risk.
  3. IF there is a LOP and IF theUS does have 7,000,000,000,000 IQD... then the US still has $602,000,000,000 (Six Hundred Billion Dollars) worth of IQD. The LOP does not change the value... just the numbers representing the value.
  4. You haven't lost anything if they LOP. You still have Dinar that is worth exactly the same amount that it is before they LOP. If you choose to exchange your Dinar for another currency, of course there will be fees and costs associated with that, just as when you exchange ANY currency into another currency. Listen closely folks... for those who are yelling and screaming that they will lose money if they LOP, it is simply not true. You already lost money, and it hasn't lopped. You lost money when you BOUGHT the Dinar. You paid $1000-1200 for $860 worth of Dinar. If you lose big, it will n
  5. Don't you love it when people try to make someone feel stupid, but show their utter lack of reading comprehension and math skills along the way? I know I do. The OP didn't claim it was ging to be $4+ or $9.25... they claimed it might be $0.11. There is a saying that I love, that you should take note of "mrbigglesworth"... It is better to keep your mouth closed and allow others to assume you're an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Semper Fidelis
  6. It amazes me how people can honestly believe things like this. If the Dinar is Lopped by three zeroes, and a 25,000 Dinar note / bank account worth $20 US becomes a 25 Dinar note worth $20... THE INVESTORS ARE NOT HURT AT ALL. Notes, bank accounts, debts, etc are all reduced as well. You and I as speculators are not HURT. Our US Dollar Investment is still worth the same amount. As with everything in life, we could lose out on fees / transaction costs, but our Dinar is still worth the same amount. Granted, there are not enough positive effects of lopping to outweight the costs... but we
  7. And is a great scent to spray on your fishing lures
  8. I won't say anything about the ingelligence (or lack thereof) of any person who says that a 300% return is "NOT THAT GOOD " I hope that you realize how ridiculous that sounds.
  9. And thus you have proven my point for me. First, let me point out your sentence where you say a "dog" is an "object". That is far from the truth. A dog is a living, breathing animal that God has put on this earth and to whom he has given us the responsibility to take care for and have stewardship over. An object is a hammer or a rock. A non-sentient, non-living piece of matter. Second, if you value a dog, over the life of a human being (we're not talking murderers or rapists, but say a starving child in Africa) then there is something wrong with that picture. If you value an objects lif
  10. While I feel sorry for any dog, or human, living in poor conditions... I can't support the idea of paying $3500 to bring one dog to the US. $3500 can signficantly change the lives of many, many more dogs than just one... or heaven forbid, humans. When I have to choose between saving a human life or an animals life, I will choose the human any day of the week! Semper Fidelis
  11. How does one get 3% of 50 people? 1.5 people said they could save? I call bullcrap just based off of the idiots math skills. Semper Fidelis
  12. Mark, Why do you consider the NID "non-functional" currency? It functions just fine inside of Iraq, and is accepted as legal tender in a number of other areas. Semper Fidelis
  13. You can't be fired for being black, for being Christian, for being disabled, etc. You also can't be fired based off libel or a fabrication without expecting to be sued. Just because it is an "at will" State does not mean that they can fire you for any reason. It means they can fire you for NO reason. If you don't want someone working for your company, simply say "We have decided that we don't want you working for our company. Thank you for your employment and here is your final check." Escort them to the door and be done with it. NEVER give a reason why you fired someone. HR Law 101.
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