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  1. Once again true story. Don't sell you dinar I truly believe that the RV will happen. That would be the best if I could throw this in their face with an RV
  2. I was fired and I am looking for advice. since dinar is not a tradable currency then I didn't have privileged information. I did nothing wrong and hope to prove that to them also.
  3. Well edbigkahuna, You aren't the one without a job today are you?
  4. This is 100% truth. I was in shock yesterday, but I have talked to some of my friends that are also invested and they said the same. Get a lawyer and get proof of why they fired you in writing. I will give everyone on the forum my boss's email once I get everything I need from them so we can all email the law that was passed. I bet he would love to get 50 emails from people that have no idea who he is telling him how dumb he is.
  5. Outline: I worked for a bank in Missouri and I worked with foreign currency. We don't handle the Dinar, but I had a few guys that came into my bank and asked me some questions at the end of 2010. I could only help them with their wire transfers. The men that bought the dinar are very smart men in the city, so I decided I would read up on the dinar and jump in myself. Now 3 months later I get called into the bank presidents office and they tell me that they will be letting me go because I am funding terrorism. That was yesterday. Any thoughts on an argument. I thought it was legal to invest in Iraq. please let me know.
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